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About the name NoFrills excursions

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet William Shakespeare

The name of our company No Frills Excursions was decided 8 years ago when we started organising excursions for English-speaking travellers (now we offer tours in German, French and Spanish too) in the north of the island of Mallorca. We were a relatively small excursion company competing with big tour operators like Thomson, TUI, First Choice, My Travel and Thomas Cook (some of them have already disappeared), whom we thought were charging extortionate prices for their trips.

So we decided to offer very cheap prices and keep things simple; offer our clients just what they wanted with no irrelevant extras that push the price up. So we called ourselves ‘No Frills’ to convey this philosophy and focussed on simple tours and excursions with a high level and quality of service, which turned out to be what visitors to the island of Mallorca were looking for.

Nowadays we still offer great value for money tours and excursions in different laguages and we continue to focus on the customer service and even though our company has grown and our excursion programme is very complete. Thanks to our staff, guides, drivers, suppliers and collaborators we are very proud of our good job and service year by year. We sell Experiences rather than tours, excursions and activities.

Our belief is that without these two very simple ingredients - value for money and customer service – we would have nothing. Clients are always our priority and e love to have your feedback. And that is why we still call ourselves No Frills Excursions.