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Excursions,tours and things to do in - Water parks

Waterparks in Mallorca

Save money and time, guaranteed places and get your water park ticket immediately

Water parks in Mallorca are and excellent choice for when the weather begins to be very hot, to spend a fun day in the water with either family or friends. In Mallorca we have 3 waterparks and in them you can find: the highest slides, enormous Jacuzzis, wave pools, attractions for the children and themed deco that will take you to exotic destinations…

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Boat and Catamaran trips

Catamaran tours and boat excursions in Mallorca

Enjoy a catamaran or boat tour in Mallorca for a relaxing and fun day out

Taking a catamaran or boat excursion around Mallorca’s coastline is one of the best options to enjoy your summer holidays in Mallorca. If you are organizing your next vacation or just a relaxing day out at sea, the wide range of catamaran and boat tours that we offer, can help you make a confident decision.

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Family fun

Tours and activities with children in Mallorca

Plenty of things to do for a family with kids in Mallorca

Mallorca is an island which is 100% prepared to welcome families that would like to enjoy their holidays to the fullest by living unforgettable experiences. Its leisure possibilities are numerous and one of the things that makes the island so special is the fact that it has to offer both activities that take place in the sea and in the mountain.

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Excursions to Cabrera

Excursions to Cabrera island in Mallorca

The best tours to discover Cabrera, the least known Balearic island

The national park of Cabrera has been visited by all the great civilizations of the Mediterranean: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines ... because of its strategic position and its beauty, now with us you will have the opportunity to discover Cabrera and its islands with one of our excursions.  Also, all our boat trips include the visit to the Blue Cave / Sa Cova Blava, one of the main attractions of Cabrera, where we will arrive by boat, so you can experience unique sensations while swimming in its blue waters.

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Horse Riding in Mallorca

Horse riding in Mallorca

Be a cowboy for a day in Mallorca

Horse riding in Mallorca is one of the best ways to discover the island’s most authentic charm. Taking part in routes which will make you be in contact with nature as you saddle up you will feel like a real cowboy.

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Stag and Hen nights

Stag and hen nights in Mallorca

Enjoy your stag or hen night without worries with everything well planned!

Are you planning a stag or hen party in Mallorca? We have prepared a selection of different excursions and activities to spend a fun and unforgettable party in Mallorca: boat trips or catamaran, adventure activities, sailboat trips, party boats...

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Transfers

Transfers in Mallorca

Let us take you anywhere you need with our transfer services

Do you need a transfer in Mallorca? We have different options to transfer any number of passengers around the island with a selection of vehicles available from minibuses to double decker coaches. We can also offer transfers between the different Balearic Islands by boat.

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Residents

Activities for residents in Mallorca

Some excursions to discover the best of Mallorca

There are many places to visit in Mallorca as it is a very popular and touristic island. We have made a selection for those who habitually live in Mallorca. In many cases, we are sure you've heard about those attractions or those places, but you've never been there. We suggest you watch the different activities, and you will surely find some interesting, that is a perfect plan to discover something new of Mallorca.

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Water sports and activities

Water activities and sports in Mallorca

Take a look at the best water activities to make the best of your holiday in Mallorca.

With kilometres of stunning coastline and its crystal clear waters, Mallorca is the ideal place to enjoy all types of water activities. The options are multiple and varied from stand up paddle to diving to snorkelling to kitesurf to kayak! Below you will find more information and by clicking on the title of the excursion will see photos, maps and customer reviews.

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Wine and food tours

The best food and wine tours in Mallorca

Experience Mallorcas local cuisine for the best price

If something makes Mallorca a unique place it is its gastronomic culture. Nowadays food and travel go hand by hand as more and more people are looking to discover new culinary cultures as they travel around the world. Gastronomic tourism is rising in Spain, and Mallorca, as it has so much offer, is no exception. 

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Mallorca nightlife

Mallorca nightlife and evening shows

Save money and time, guaranteed places and get your ticket immediately

Once the sun has stopped shinning and the day is over, if you are looking for something to do in the evening while in Mallorca we have plenty of options for you to enjoy the island’s nightlife. Even though the nightlife in Palma and Mallorca in general sadly can’t be compared to London’s as, despite before having the show “Come fly with me”, we don’t have a Broadway scene and the same type of theatres. Nevertheless, we have a great range of activities and dinner shows to offer so that you make the most out of Mallorca’s nightlife and therefore enjoy your stay on the island to the fullest. 

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Other attractions

Other attractions

Things to do and excursions

Mallorca has many attractions to enjoy. Look no further to find out what’s on when, and book your tickets.
Excursions,tours and things to do in - Entrance tickets with discount

Entrance tickets to attractions and shows in Mallorca

Save money and time, guaranteed places and get your ticket immediately

If you are looking for entrance tickets in Mallorca with important advantages and even discounts compared to the ticket price at the box office, you are in the right place because we have a wide variety of options to enjoy the best attractions of the island.

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Mallorca Caves

Mallorca Caves

Instant Entrance tickets to the caves at the best prices in Mallorca

If you are going to visit one of Mallorca Caves, you are at the right website as in click-Mallorca we have tickets to the caves of the island with instant tickets to enjoy the best grottos and caverns that Mallorca offers. Below you will find a list of the best caves in Mallorca, by clicking on the title of each activity, you will have all the information, and you can book online.

Excursions,tours and things to do in - Rent a boat and catamaran

Rent a Boat or Catamaran in Mallorca

The Best Selection of Boats and Catamarans in Mallorca

Here we have compiled a selection of different rental options of boats, catamarans, sailboats, speedboats and yachts from the most respected boat companies in Mallorca. You can select and compare which boat tour or rental option suits you best, and then reserve it here at the best price.

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