This is my life in Puerto Pollensa office in April

My name is Lisa and I normally have the stress of the main office in Puerto Alcudia. This means I am kept busy all summer co-ordinating coaches, taking bookings, preparing liquidations and dealing with general queries, car hire, internet bookings, e-mails and anything else that needs to be done. As well as this I guide a few excursions a week…

So as you can probably imagine, my favourite month of the year is April when I get to run the Pollensa shop on the peaceful sea front of Puerto Pollensa next to the Burger King: I have a wonderful view of the Bay of Pollensa (a view which changes every day according to the weather and is fresh and new each day – it’s a view that one can never tire of); I speak to nice people passing by and I have friendly neighbours on each side: Miguelón and Taj Kebab, who between them keep my well supplied with coffee throughout the day.


This year the 1st April, my first day at the shop, was a bright and sunny Sunday and it was also the day of the half marathon in Pollensa, so I was able to catch up with old friends from the area, meet new ones and cheer on the runners at the same time. Regarding business, there were plenty of people around and things were looking quite promising. As it turned out, most of the people around were weekenders from Palma and other parts of the island taking advantage of special Easter offers from hotels in Puerto Pollensa.


The weather has been rather changeable as one would expect in April; I’ve seen a mixture of burnt bodies and rain ponchos! In the afternoons when I’ve been shivering in the shade I have had filp flop clad teenagers asking me why the water parks aren’t open!


I have seen more cyclists this year in Puerto Pollensa than ever before and have narrowly avoided hitting a few who think they are unbreakable and own the road!


Regarding holiday-makers, the season has really got off to a slow start here in Puerto Pollensa. Business has been slow and there have been very few people around. On some rainy days I have spoken to no one, except Miguel from next door who was threatening to steal a boat from the harbour and put on his own pirate show to attract custom! In April we have had only a reduced excursion programme as we knew that it would be quiet and in general we have had decent numbers, but when I speak to business owners and residents in Puerto Pollensa it’s all doom and gloom about how quiet it is and how we have never seen it as quiet as this before at Easter! Moan moan moan! Me, I’m just getting on with all the preparation for the main summer season and enjoying the spectacular view that I have in front of me… I did mention the view didn’t I?


Although it has been a quiet month, I have spoken to some very nice people and have seen a few familiar faces from last year. There was the couple and their daughter from the Uyal who enjoyed our Caves of Drach excursion so much that they came battling their way through the wind and rain on a stormy day to tell me what a great time they had had and how much they had laughed with Joan, the guide. Then there was the sweet family from the north of England who had been on holiday for five days before they did their first trip and missed the bus because they still had not changed their watches! They wondered why they had been so hungry at night – turned out they thought they were eating at 7pm but they were eating at 8pm! No need to worry though because we were able to change their excursion day (and their watch) so they didn’t miss out. I have also had plenty of company in the shop: I’ve had Seamus to visit a few times with the Pirates team who want to take over the shop floor (quite literally), I have had the ever friendly company of Henry the elephant, who in turn has enjoyed having a Katmandu yeti around (don’t ask) and of course, during the school holidays, that aviation fanatic Matthew was the official Pollensa Shop assistant, helping prepare promotional material, chatting with customers and going on some trips too.


Of course, the whole of April has not only been spent in the Pollensa shop; we have had plenty of staff outings too. We had a fantastic visit to Palma Aquarium, including the snuba experience and backstage tour, we were astounded at the changes made to Katmandu Park, with all the new attractions, we had a great party night at Rancho Grande with excellent barbecue, plenty of sangria and a little horse riding too, and we went on the jeep safari where we scared ourselves silly taking it in turns to drive around the mountain tracks! And today it is our official beginning of season team party at the Pollensa wine tasting event in the old town; this is where we really get to know our new staff, find out who drinks, who dances and who manages to go to work on Sunday morning…. Let’s see…     




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