Photo Call in the Caves of Drach with No frills Excursions

The Caves of Drach is a famous and beautiful place in Mallorca, but have you heard of the Caves of Drach photocall? Be like a celebrity and have your photo taken at the photocall at the Caves of Drach…

You are special for us:

There is a theory that explains the name “Caves of Drach”: when the caves were discovered, a rock in form of a dragon was also found in the cave. The word “Drach” comes from our local dialect, and translated into English means “dragon”.

When you finish the visit and you are outside the Caves of Drach, the photocall is situated on the right hand side, where the bar terrace is.

Since 1896, the year that the Caves of Drach were discovered by the speleologist Eduard Martel, the dragon-stone is there waiting for your photos. Some just stay in front and take family pictures, others sit on it like it was a roc-mobile (Flintstones), or simply stand near and make a smiley face and everybody feels happy of having visited one of the best caves in the world.

caves drach photocall2

The photo that you take at the Caves of Drach photocall is a great one to share with friends and makes a fabulous Facebook profile picture.

Something that makes this visit to the Caves of Drach special is our commitment to make sure you have one of the best days out of your holidays, and our attention to detail. This is why our guide will be waiting for you at the exit of the Caves of Drach, and he / she will be happy to take you a photo at the photocall so then you can show it to your friends when you go back home.


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