Enjoying a delicious ice cream on the Island Tour Excursion

Hands up who loves homemade, delicious and refreshing ice creams! We do love the ice creams from Can Pau, and today we are sharing with all of you this small hidden place.

By now, you all now that one of our most popular days out is the Island Tour excursion, an excursion that combines 4 different ways of transport around the Serra de Tramuntana mountain area, declared by the Unesco a world heritage landscape. One of the visits included on this excursion is the lovely village of Soller where clients have around 30 minutes to explore its main square, and this is when we share with them one of our top tips: Can Pau.

Can Pau is a small tiny place situated at the main Square in Soller, where they serve delicious home made ice creams and sorbets at great value for money, costing one ice cream only 1,30€. These ice creams have nothing to see with the typical industrial ice creams you find in many places, they are a thousand times better. The flavours are numerous, and our recommendation is orange or lemon.


We love to share the location of these small hidden places with our clients, as these are places that tourists wouldn’t find otherwise, so come on our Island Tour excursions and apart from having the best excursion of your life, you will have the opportunity to taste a delicious homemade ice cream.

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