A new TV spot promoting Mallorca with Captain Morgan Rum

Recently we have been very lucky in Mallorca because it has been in a few films and in some TV spots. If a few weeks ago, we saw the island on the film The Cloud Atlas filmed in areas like Sa Calobra or Formentor (we bet some of you already recognised the area), today we want to show you a new spot:

The spot was filmed in January 2013, and it is said it costed about 1,7 million euros! Can you recognise some of the places:

  • The Bellver castle
  • The Cathedral
  • The old walls
  • Ses Voltes, an area situated in front of the Cathedral
  • Some narrow streets in the old town area
Some of you have been there, but if you havent yet and you are visiting our island, we have the Palmabus excursion that takes you there and allows you to enjoy about 5 hours free time, and we will be more than happy to point on the map that we give where all these places are!

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi guys

    The video does not play. A message comes up ‘this video is private’.

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