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Website credits

At Nofrills Excursions we work together with many companies and we have many supplier and collaborators. Thanks to their dedication our website looks very professional nowadays.

Web developers

Nofrills Excursions is a local travel agency based in the north of Mallorca, specialized in excursions and activities. We always try to work together with local companies from the island. They are experts in web development, but also understand their client. Without a doubt, at AT4 THE DIGITAL WAY we have found the perfect partne. Without Julio, Toni and Dani, Nofrills Excursions website would not be possible. We recommend them to anyone who wants to develop a professional website in Mallorca and we are very proud to have them on the team.

Digital Marketing

At Nofrills Excursions we do our digital marketing with our own staff. These last 4 years, we have been advised by an external company, which is Flat101. We are very proud to be their clients. We coordinate SEO and UX actions for the global brand strategy with them. Alejandro and Paula are very professional and they always help us with their best suggestions and recommendations

Our suppliers

At Nofrills Excursions we have the best experiences with a wide range of activities, tours and excursions in Mallorca. Our suppliers and providers have been selected based on the quality of their services. It is also very important their customer service.