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Segeltour auf Mallorca

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Segeltour auf Mallorca 95,00 65,00 €


95,00 Erwachsene
65,00 Kind (3-12)

 0-2 Jahre Alt Kostenlos

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Ein herrlicher Tag auf dem Segelboot auf Mallorca: versteckte Buchten, kristallklares Wasser, die spektakuläre Landschaft Mallorcas, köstliches Mittagessen und viel mehr..

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  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    To end our holiday we wanted to finish off with a boat trip and after a bit of research decided that a sail around Pollensa Bay would be a good fit for our family of 4. We were met ahead of time at the quayside and made to feel very much at home on the boat. Leigh involved the kids in putting the sail up and was a really good host who we luckily had all to ourselves. Food was good and the trip really is a great thing to do if you are not totally into boats (if you are the chances are that you will be doing a longer trip). Sailing back into the bay with the sun setting behind the mountains is a great memory to take back with you. We had a good amount of time swimming in the ea, sailing and overall highly recommend this trip!

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    As a family of 5, we wanted to do something a little different and memorable before leaving Mallorca and a sunset sailing trip seemed to fit the bill. The booking was arranged very quickly and we left Puerto de Pollenca on a typically warm and sunny Mallorcan evening. The boat was at the very nearby moorings. She is a very pretty and sturdy old girl......Tina being the boat we sailed on I should explain. The crew on the boat is a very accommodating and friendly pair, who made us feel very welcome (a couple of beers always helps). Our middle daughter was immediately signed up to skipper the vessel to its first destination, which she gladly accepted with relish and I'm sure will remember as a highlight for some years. Our first port of call was a lovely little cove where we were able to snorkel and tombstone (safely) from rocks, which again was a lovely little activity. We then sailed back towards the port and stopped at a popular little cove to enjoy the fantastic sunset looking back towards the port (some of us were a little distracted by the palatial waterside villa, apparently worth £70 million that has this natural evening show every day!), whilst eating a very nice supper prepared by the crew. Youngest daughter was then asked to help steer us back to port, which was enthusiastically accepted. All in all a fantastic evening which I would wholeheartedly recommend and will definitely repeat on our return.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    A fantastic trip. We were treated royally and had the boat to ourselves which was a real luxury. A sail across the bay to Bonaire, snorkelling off the boat and (for some) a lazy float around on one of the massive deck beanbags. Tapas, cava, plenty of beer and soft drinks then back across the bay while the sun set over the mountains. We would certainly book again, we loved this trip.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    When it comes to day trips you'll find it very hard to beat this one. My family and I always research and book a boat trip when on holidays. What we are looking for is safety, comfort, something for the kids to dive off and easy climbing aboard from the water. The classic sailing yacht Tina was built 38 years ago to sail the world in comfort and style. She is beamy which provides loads of deck space to loll in the sun. If it's choppy you will find this yacht rolls very little. In this respect it is a very dry boat. The motor is quiet and when she is under sail it's idyllic with just the gurgle of the wake behind. At lunchtime a cold buffet of meats, cheeses, salad, bread, crisps and wine is served. Soft drinks and beer were available from a cool box on deck. We were also treated to cava and watermelon later in the day. There is snorkelling kit provided and I managed to see loads of undersea fauna. You will find the whole experience relaxing from start to finish. There are no silly rules about sun cream or shoes that we have experienced with other charters. This boat excursión we will do again, next time we visit Mallorca!

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    We had a wonderful day, three adults three teenagers and two ten year olds. It was just the best fun for everyone. Thank you to Leigh and crew who are incredibly hospitable and considerate. Lunch was great, and lots of chilled drinks, beers, wine and Cava. Looking forward to our next trip already.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    We had a great day out with the whole family, 1yr, 3yr,18yr and my mum 72 :-) All generations had a great time. The crew on the boat is great and very hospitable. Make sure you do tgis boat excursion, if not you'll regret it :-)

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    We took trip around Pollenca bay with a family group of 11 with ages 6-85 and everybody had a fabulous time. The staff on the boat was very welcoming and knowledgeable and we enjoyed listening to their stories and local knowledge. The boat has ample comfortable seating and they kindly explained all the bits of equipment and showed us around the engine room & living quarters. Winds were slow to start but the engine got us moving and once the winds picked up the beautiful sails went up and we enjoyed a peaceful gentle sail across the bay. The trip was the highlight of our stay in Mallorca.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    What an amazing time we had on the sunset BBQ trip sailing around Puerto Pollensa bay for my birthday. The food was delicious and perfectly cooked plus plenty of drink if we needed it. The captain of this lovely boat is obviously an expert with a lot of sailing experience, knowledge and so passionate about sailing. Do not hesitate to book, you will love it.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Beautiful boat and great company. They let our 8 young son have a steer whilst we were sailing - he now wants us to buy a yacht! This is a terrific way to spend a day Sailing, swimming, diving off the boat, beautiful views around the bay, lovely lunch and perhaps a couple of beers Get this trip booked now

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Absolutely recommended. We were a group of 7 friends that went for the sunset trip. Beautiful VIEWS, music,tapas and drinks and felt like we were in our own sailboat. Great excursión and the staff is super friendly, we had such a great time together. This boat trip is a must!

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