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Horse riding in Can Picafort

punto punto punto punto punto
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Adults 30.00
| Children 30.00
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Horse riding in Can Picafort 30.00 30.00 €
30.00 Adults
30.00 Children (0-0)
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Enjoy the pleasure of horseback riding on your holidays in Mallorca. This route has been planned in detail for you, with paths through the forest and the chance to ride along the beach. With expert riders accompanying you and no previous experience required.

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Customer Reviews for the 1-Hour Horse Riding Tour:

  • Amy
    punto punto punto punto punto

    My girls seemed to love it. Customer service skills are awful though. They were late picking us up. It was everyone's first time on a horse and as soon as you got there they just tried shoving a helmet on your head without any instructions. When it came to me trying to get on the horse I asked my partner to help me as I was nervous and the owners were trying to shove me on the horse which caused me to fall off the chair I was stood on (which wasn't sturdy anyway) and I hurt myself and was deeply embarrassed so refused to try again. The owners didn't apologise and left without me so I missed out on a deeply memorable experience with my family. Wouldn't recommend them tbh.

  • Amanda
    punto punto punto punto punto

    This is a well established stable they have 40 horses and they are very well cared for they are kept in the shade and as soon as ride ends they go into shadey stables are unsaddled and given food and water . We have no riding experience so did the one hour ride this took you over a busy road then through the woods to the beach along the beach then back,the horses are well behaved (well mine was) my daughter was at the back and her horse kept breaking into a trot which was hilarious as she couldn't get the up and down that experienced riders make look so easy! It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours .

  • Susan
    punto punto punto punto punto

    If you’re looking for a ride that includes incredible views, a variety of horses for all then this is the place. I have horses back in the UK, I can say these animals are treated well, kept under shelter and after use they go in cool shady stables with hay and water. I can ride well but my boyfriend can’t, they had horses for the both of us. The experienced riders got to gallop whilst the inexperienced/beginners/nervous riders had the choice to stay behind and keep to walk/trot. However the horses are so well trained they know when to go and they know when to stop so you don’t even have to worry about being taken off with! I would definitely recommend to family and friends whether they be experienced or not!

  • Clare
    punto punto punto punto punto

    The route was the ride was great; through woods, on open plains and along the beach. Other comments about needing to have ridden a few time are accurate, they do literally chuck you on a horse and go. But the guy who runs the place is nice, and the horses seem reasonably well look after (from the view of someone who knows nothing about horses)

  • Sharon
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Wow, we enjoyed this so much! I have ridden before but my partner had never been on a horse and my 11year old only once before. This is a family run business, the horses were all beautiful and calm. After getting you settled onto your horse, your off, and wow what a fab trek. We chose the one hour trek. Through the beautiful forest and onto the beach. On the way back we were offered the chance to gallop if wanted or continue the gentle journey. I chose to gallop, wow, so much fun. Thankyou. Definitely the best trip of our holiday.

  • Gerry
    punto punto punto punto punto

    1 hour of riding trought pine Forrest and beach is enough for people who was riding years before. Its good if you know how to ride a horse. I like it, i enjoy it and if you have free tíme in Mallorca try it

  • Nicholas
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Second time using this place and both times have been fantastic giving you the opportunity to gallop and canter! Not the usual boring stay inline type hacking, more or less do what you want. Would highly recommend.

  • Luise
    punto punto punto punto punto

    This place was amazing! The 1 hour trek was just brilliant and so much fun! The horses were so well behaved and it was amazing, tempted to go back again whilst we are out here and do the same trip! Would so recommend doing whilst you are here!

  • Shelly McKenna
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Pick up was late by half hour, two of our group were never on a horse before, instructions were very sparse, horses were very high, route through forest was rough terrain, leader/ guide had no English but spent the whole hour shouting “vamoose” at us - his boss seemed cross when he met us coming along very slowly through the forest and shouted at us to hurry up. It was an unusual experience, stressful because of first time on horse and just let off on one 🤣 not sure I would recommend it but glad we went. Need to brush up on their people skills and could do with mounting block to get on and off the horses. Fine if your a rider like our little girl - not so good if you are a newbie like mam or dad😂🤣

  • Ella Greenwell
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Was picked up late and on arrival was asked if i’ve rode a horse before which I hadn’t. Was given a horse and was told to get on, where to hold, and to kick it to go faster, that was all. Then we went on a hour ride which was pretty fun, however a bit more information before riding would have been ideal as I had no idea how to slow down etc or how to ride properly. The guy running it seemed a bit abrupt and just wanted to get moving, without considering the needs of those who had never rode. 3 stars as my horse was very good luckily, and the scenery was lovely. Plus it was pretty fun once we got going.

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