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Christmas in Mallorca. Overview:

Worldwide known the most amazing time of the year also in Mallorca is celebrated very festive. In those category you will find a lot of information about it. Our experts prepared the ultimate guides through traditions, activities and celebrations. We encourage you to visit our beautiful island next December!

Christmas Lights

Very joyful and shining events of switching on the lights take place on the beginning of the Christmas season. It is the opening of beautiful time of love, smiles and family. In our articles you can find the details about those events. Check our routes in Palma and Alcudia, prepare your camera and let´s discover the lights around, because it will for sure be a magical experience.

Christmas Markets in Mallorca

We always recommend the visit on local market during your visit, but Christmas Markets are taking this experience to the high new level. Enjoy our article about them and fall for gorgeous handicraft, yummy culinary specialities and extra activities. Also the locations of the Christmas markets are extraordinary.

Mallorcan Christmas Nativities

Incredible tradition of preparing Christmas themed nativity scenes is a must to experience. You can find the route of very impressive and huge Betlems in Palma or organize a road trip around and discover them in others Mallorcan parishes. Our experts prepared special for you the Palma Nativities Route post so you will not miss the most important and the greatest places to visit.

The 3 Kings

One of the most celebrated days, which can not be missed if you choose to come to the island in January. Enjoy parades, gifts, colors, a lot of fun and of course delicious food around.

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A Christmas Instagram tour in Palma

Christmas, instagram and Palma! What a great combination! We’ve strolled around Palma during the Christmas lights period to find some of the best places for a instagram tour, so you can grab that iconic pictures to post in your instagram account while you enjoy a tour around Palma.