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Among a lot of things to do in Mallorca you will enjoy shopping for sure. In this Shopping in Mallorca Category our experts prepared for you the ultimate guides through the best places to do that. Check and be ready to take a huge luggage back with you after your holidays ;)

Local markets in Mallorca

One of the main local attractions to visit during your stay in one of the towns is surely the local market. You can find there everything from clothes, food, even animals. All depends on the place specialities. In our articles you can find the info about the days, hours and most known products of the town.

There is also possible to visit best local markets in Mallorca with our experts on one of the No Frills  excursions. We can take you to vist Arta Market, Inca Market or lovely Alcudia market. Visit to Alcudia Market is combined with a stroll around the coast and picnic with local products. Good to mention that there is no better place to find local products,  fruits, vegetables and handicraft as market like that.

Mallorca Shopping centers

There are 3 shopping centers in Mallorca Porto Pi, Fan Mallorca and Mallorca Fashion Outlet. All really close to the capital of the island – Palma de Mallorca. Find opening hours and more info in our experts Shopping in Mallorca article.

Shopping in Palma de Mallorca

The capital of the island is a really great spot to enjoy shopping. It is full of world brands shops and boutiques with local products: shoes, clothes, pearls and many more. You can find a lot great deals and sales few times per year.

Towns boutiques

No matter in what town you stay, even in a very little one you can enjoy it and have walk through the local boutiqes full with Mallorcan handicraft.

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Shopping in Mallorca

Shopping in Mallorca is interesting activity during your holidays. Among our list of local markets, shopping streets and centers you can find a perfect place for you. Enjoy!