Magic places on our Island tour

The most spectacular road of Mallorca is one of the higlights of our Island Tour, and today we would like to share one of its most famous spots, “the knot of the tie”.


Magic places on our island tour excursion: the Knot of the tie

It is 1929, and Mister Parietti Coll has had a terrible night, he couldn’t sleep well, he is having a hard time planning the construction of what is going to be the most amazing road of the island, a road to a magic place: a road to Sa Calobra. A road that it is a dream, but at the same time a nightmare as he is getting stuck at one point and he doesnt know what to do in order to use as little dynamite as possible and to interfere as little as possible with the landscape. And this morning he needs a solution! He has an important meeting.


Time to get dressed, time to put his tie, and then suddenly… the solution to his problems came: the knot of his tie, and this was the result:

knot of the tie island tour excursion



Our first stop on the island tour is here, in a place with such an interesting background, but not only that, a place with amazing views:

  • the road to Sa Calobra
  • the mountains of the Tramuntana range
  • the old quarter of guardunit
  • the highest hill of the island


A place where there is a snack bar where to sample a fresh squeezed orange juice, a place where to relax, a place where to breathe some fresh mountain air before to head down to Sa Calobra. A place we share with our clients, a place not visited and known by many!


 A secret tip

Look up as sometimes you might see black vultures in this area!

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