Thank you very much Monika and enjoy your retirement!

Today’s post is a very special dedication to a very special person, who many of you will have met on our tours. This person is Monika Soderstrom, our longest-serving guide.

Today is Monika’s very last excursion with No Frills Excursions and she will be dearly missed. She has decided that finally it is time to leave the tourism business and enjoy her retirement in Mallorca after many years working hard as an official guide. She has found herself a nice Swedish gentleman to spend her time with and looks forward to long walks with her dog in the beautiful Mallorcan countryside. She is also a lover of good food and good living, so she certainly will not have time to get bored.


Monika herself is Swedish and she arrived in Mallorca many years ago with her family, as her father was a businessman who found bought land in Mallorca to develop in the 1950s. She fell in love with the island and began working as a guide in the 60’s showing off the beauty of her adopted home to her fellow countrymen as well as to British and German groups.

la fotoWhen No Frills Excursions started operating tours ten years ago, one of the first things we started to do was to find the best guides on the island; you see, in Mallorca there are guides and then there are No Frills Excursions guides – there is a big difference. We only employ the very best. So we were delighted when Monika said that she would work a couple of days a week guiding for us. In fact, Monika was the guide on our very first excursion all those years ago. It was a tour to the Caves of Drach and we only had 12 people! Nowadays we easily fill 86-seater double decker coaches for our Caves of Drach visits.

monicaDSC05399monika henry mirando vista pto sollerMonika became a regular guide for us on our Island Tour excursion, and every Sunday she takes a lucky group of people to discover the magnificent Mallorcan west coast and dramatic Serra de Tramuntana Mountain range.

We consider Monika a very important member of our team, and despite being one of the more mature members, is very forward-thinking and supportive of our new ideas and innovations, no matter how crazy they might sometimes sound!

We would like to take this opportunity to publically thank Monika for her hard work over the years for No Frills Excursions and for our clients and to say how proud we are that she has worked with us since the very beginning. We wish her all the best for her well-deserved retirement in Mallorca.

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