The Best water parks in Mallorca – Majorca

Aqualand in Mallorca
Aqualand Arenal, the biggest water park

The answer to which is the best water park in Mallorca is not easy at all, and probably the most accurate answer is it depends! We know it sound confusing and not very helpful, but let us explain you on this article why we believe this will be the right answer and some considerations to have in mind before deciding what water park to visit in Mallorca.

In Mallorca we have 3 water parks: Western water park, Aqualand Arenal and Hidropark. All of them are open only during the Summer season, from May to October though in many cases Aqualand Arenal and Western water Park close in September. Recently some hotels have also included a water park area, but rather than a proper water park is more a few slides, so this is why we concentrate just on those four water parks.

There is not one better than the other, they are just simply different. Some people would prefer one water park above other, depending on different factors. For example, if you have to travel, the price, if you are a family or young people…

What to do have in mind to decide what is for you the best water park in Majorca?

As we are a company based in the North of Mallorca, and operating from the resorts of Port Pollensa, Port Alcudia, Can Picafort and Playa de Muro, when deciding what the best water park is and consequently what water park to visit, there are some things to have in mind. We believe these are the most important:

  • Travel distance
  • Prices
  • Size of the water park
  • Opening dates

From our point of view these are the most important decision points but you might also like to check some youtube videos, reviews on trip advisor…

View for the Hidropark in Puerto Alcudia
Alcudia local Water Park: Hidropark

Travel distances to the water park from North Area

  • Hidropark Alcudia is situated in Port de Alcudia, and you can get there by car, taxi or public bus. You can even get there walking if your hotel is in the Port Alcudia resort.
  • Aqualand Arenal is situated in the south area, in the resort of Arenal. You can get there by taxi (expensive), by public bus (you need bus to Palma and bus to Arenal) or by bus tour.
  • Western water park is situated in the South area, in the resort of Magaluf. You can get there by taxi (expensive), by public bus (you need bus to Palma and bus to Magaluf) or by bus tour.

Prices for water parks in Mallorca (2020 prices)

  • Hidropark Alcudia is around 27€ adults, 17€ children
  • Aqualand Arenal is around 30€ adults, 21€ children
  • Western water park is around 30€ adults, 21€ children

A taxi from the north Area to Aqualand / Western water park is about 80€ one way. A ticket on the public bus from North area to Palma is bout 15€ return, to Arenal 4€ return and to Magalluf about 5€ return. If you book a bus tour to Aqualand or Western water park, it is about 45€ for the packaged including return transport from hotel, guide on the bus and skip the line entrance ticket.

Water slide in western water park
One of the slides at the Western Water Park

Size of the water park

The biggest water park is Aqualand Arenal, then Western water park and then Hidropark Alcudia. Below you can see a photo of each water park so you can have a brief idea of how the water park is, the number of slides…

Opening dates

Another important thing to have in mind are the opening dates. On this matter Hidropark Alcudia is the water park that remains opened longer, from May to October. Aqualand Arenal and Western water park open from middle May until September. So you might have only one possible option depending on the time of the year.

By having all this information is easier to take a decision, for example:

  • You might prefer not to travel long distances, so Hidropark is the better option.
  • You might prefer to go to the biggest one, so Aqualand is your choice.
  • You might prefer to go to a middle size one, so Western water park is your choice

At nofrills excursions we offer entrance tickets to all water parks on the island with a 10% discount for our customers and bookable online. If you prefer to do a bus tour, we offer bus tours to Aqualand Arenal and Western water park including hotel pick up and skip the line ticket, so you get there and you go straight in.

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