These are the 50 Most Instagrammed Islands in the World

We can’t travel at this moment in time, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop thinking about travel entirely. And where better to look for a little bit of travel escapism than Instagram?

The photo sharing site is the prime spot for sharing #TravelGoals and #TravelInspo photos, and while we’re all stuck at home we are needing those dreamy travel photos more than ever. That got us thinking – we know that travellers are always sharing incredible photos of Mallorca on Instagram, but we wondered what other islands do travellers share the most photos of.

Well what better time to find out than right now, when we need some Insta-worthy island shots to drool over. We dug into the data to discover the most popular islands on Instagram, based on how often the name of every island had been hashtagged on the site.

There are of course technically thousands of islands in the world, so where to start? We used this handy source from Britannica to determine our list of islands to analyse. We also included archipelagos, islands nations and other island groups, which travellers generally refer to as one area.

Read on below to find out the most Instagrammed islands in the world.


1. Bali, Indonesia

Coming out in the top spot as the most Instagrammed island in the world is Bali in Indonesia, with over 60 million Instagram posts – blowing the competition out of the crystal clear water. The tropical paradise has been increasing in popularity over the last decade – from honeymooners to backpackers – so it’s no surprise to see the beautiful Indonesian island take the top spot. From the iconic rice paddies, to the stretches of sandy beaches, and the intricate ancient temples there is so much to choose from to create the perfect Instagram shot in Bali. 

2. Hawaii, USA

While Bali may be the tropical island traveller’s new favourite, you could say Hawaii is the epitome of a tropical island and the first place many of us think of when dreaming of a paradise island. Hawaii ranked in second place, with over 30 million Instagram posts of the magical US island state. From the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to Hanauma Bay, there’s so much to see, do and photograph in heavenly Hawaii.

3. Ireland

The first European addition, in third place is Ireland, with over 20 million photos of The Emerald Isle. The island offers sweeping landscapes, greenery for miles, sandy beaches, historic castles and charming towns, all ripe for Instagramming. Some of the most popular, and the most scenic, places to visit in Ireland include the Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry and Giant’s Causeway

4. Flores, Indonesia

Another Indonesia island ranking high is Flores, which came in at fourth place with over 17 million Instagram posts. While Flores may be less mainstream than Bali, it is clearly still a popular choice for the seasoned traveller, and the seasoned Instagrammer. One of the most popular reasons to visit Flores is to visit the Komodo National Park, known for its native komodo dragons.

5. Ibiza, Spain

The iconic Spanish island of Ibiza ranked in fifth place with over 16.3 million Instagram posts. The island is known on one hand for its party holidays and epic DJ sets, and on the other hand for its luxury hotels and scenic spots. The island of Ibiza is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with many parts of the island protected from commercialisation, such as the Renaissance walls of the Old Town. When scrolling through Ibiza Instagram shots you can see anything from a wild club night to a remote historic relic.

6. Puerto Rico, Caribbean

The most Instagrammed of the Caribbean islands is Puerto Rico, which ranked in sixth place overall with over 16.2 million photos of the island shared on Instagram. The beautiful island is home to everything from mountain landscapes, to breathtaking waterfalls and a tropical rainforest. In the cities you can find colourful colonial buildings and even an old fortress – what’s not to Instagram?

7. Sicily, Italy

Just off the boot of Italy, the island of Sicily came in seventh place, with 12.6 million hashtags. The Italian island is known for its intense history which can be explored through incredible sites including the Valley of Temples and the Cappella Palatina. Siciliy is also home to Mount Etna, one of the highest active volcanoes in all of Europe. From history buffs, to nature lovers and foodies – there’s something for everyone to love in Sicily.

8. Cuba, Caribbean

Another Caribbean entry, the colourful country of Cuba ranks in eighth place with 11.4 million hashtags. Known for its classic cars, lively music, traditional dancing, vibrant cities, delicious food and beautiful beaches – there’s something to photograph around every corner in Cuba. The country has also experienced a rise in tourism over the last decade, explaining why so many tourists are capturing the country’s beauty on film.

9. Jamaica, Caribbean

It’s the Caribbean again, with the simply magnificent Jamaica ranking as the ninth most Instagrammed island in the world, with over 10.4 million hashtags for the island on Instagram. Jamaica is famed worldwide for its beautiful beaches, its luxury all-inclusive resorts, its superb golf scene, and of course its rum. It’s no wonder Instagrammers want to snap all of its glory.

10. Mallorca, Spain

And of course, rounding out the top ten is our very own Mallorca with over 10.2 million posts on Instagram. We were thrilled, but not surprised, to find our Spanish island is one of the most Instagrammed islands in the world. From catamaran cruises to dolphin watching, cave excursions and exploring the incredible 13th-century city of Palma, Mallorca is filled with a world of wonder to capture in real life and share on Instagram.

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