Mar, the new girl in Pollensa office

pollensa officeMy name is Marjolein, which is very Dutch and too difficult so I use to call myself Mar. I am fromHolland, and six years ago I felt in love with La Isla Bonita Mallorca.  Not very difficult if you get to know the island with all its beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, amazing views and the lovely people.

I have seen a lot of the island in the last couple of years, and I am so happy I can share my experiences with the holiday-makers this summer!

I will be working in the No Frills Office in Puerto Pollensa, which I think is one of the most beautiful villages of the island. The office is located along the boulevard, it has a wonderful view of theBay of Pollensa and is between nice local restaurants. What else can I ask for? 😉

We have been doing many different excursions, which were all great fun and very interesting. After all that excitement I can only say; I am ready for summer 2012!

I like to tell you about some of my experiences, but I would love to tell you more, show beautiful photos, and answer all your question you have. So, please come and visit me for all the information you like to have!

My experience at the Katmandu Park:

pollensa officeOne of my excursions was the House of Katmandu in Magaluf. This theme-park is full of excitement, funny and scary surprises, great activities due to the House itself, 4D Cinema, the great experience  of the Desperados and the Mini Golf area! ´See, feel & touch´ that is the rule and it is guaranteed fun!

I felt a child again, the activities are great to do with your partner, family or a group of friends.

We started our visit with the 4D movie Jett & Jin. There are different movies to choose, all are truly exciting thanks to the special seats simulating a thrill ride that transcends time, space and imagination!

After that we saddled up and went to see who was the best sheriff of the the Wild West Town in the Desperados. Armed with a laser pistol we galloped through this hilarious game and I had to find out I was NOT the winner.

katmandu parkThe Asylum will definitely drive you crazy! I thought it was very scary, but so funny at the same time – Does this make sense?! I don’t know how to explain this experience; it is a nightmare, a freaky journey where you get scared and surprised all the time.

The House of Katmandu is just so different, every time again you are in a different world and it is amazing. So much to see, camera definitely needed! I like the park a lot, you can spend there the whole day as it is so varied, and you will not get bored! We had a meal in between the activities, which was nice and gave us new energy for the next experience. Also, don’t miss out the Expedition Golf; Laugh, Play and Explore!

My experience at Palma Aquarium:

Another day we went to the Aquarium in Playa de Palma, I thought is was very fascinating to see and read about life under the sea.

marjolienThe tour we had was very interesting, and I do agree with the slogan; You must SEA it! The 5 zones; The Old World, The New World, The Mediderranean Gardens, The Jungle and the Big Blue are all amazing and I think it is really good the park has an outside area as well.  Especially if it is very warm, I think it is good to have a lovely lunch outside like we did or to even have a swim which is possible as the beach is nearby.

We had a Backstage Tour, I thought this was very interesting. We had a look in the kitchen, there where they prepare the food for the animals, and we were aloud to have a look above the Big Blue. The shark was just a small distance away! Again a day was gone, and I felt so pleased after all these beautiful impressions.

My experience at Rural Mallorca:

I think the Rural Mallorca is just PERFECT if you like to get to know the island. Our guide Michael has the knowledge about the island, and everything he is explaining and taking us to is interesting and beautiful. I think it is a very ´cozy´ excursion, also recommended for people travelling alone as it is very friendly trip and Michael takes care about every single person.

wine tour

My mum and I were one of the first getting on board and even the pick up through Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia was a little adventure as you get to see the area and the hotels. Also Michael told us about the area, the palm trees and knowing the beach in Alcudia is one of the most beautiful beaches ofSpainmade us very proud as we live close by.

Our first stop was in Inca, we had a lovely walk on the market. Anything you like or need you can get there. After having a coffee we did our fruit and veg shopping all together and we went back to the coach.

rural mallorcaOff to Binissalem where we visited a typical Majorcan house and garden, absolutely beautiful! The garden was so green and full of flowers. This village is very Spanish and picturesque, we also had a Wine Tasting over there and we had a tour through the Wine Cellar. Of course, we bought some wine for the lunch and the excursion got even more ´cozy´ as we were all tasting and listening to the information.

We made our way through the beautiful country side ofMallorca, my mum and I really enjoyed the views and were getting hungry but not for long as we arrived at the Majorcan Town House where we could walk around, enjoy the sunshine and the view. In the meantime our cook was getting ready the barbeque and it smelled fantastic. Michael explained us how to make our own Pan amb oli, a typical Spanish bread with tomato and olive oil – delicious! We all did one for ourself and eat it. The salade had to be made by the guests, the cook was preparing the chicken and meat and the wine was ready to be consumed!

marketMichael walked around, came to have a lovely chat with everyone and I dare to say everyone enjoyed their lunch in the garden of the Town House.

We had a great time, every single minute was lovely; from leaving on the coach till getting back to Puerto Pollensa we were pleased with Michael, very happy with the lunch and amazed of all the information we got and everything we saw.

There is so much more to tell, and so much more to do. Please, come and see me in the No Frills Office in Puerto Pollensa.

Very looking forward seeing you! Like I said, I am ready for summer 2012 and I hope you do too..! 😉

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  1. Daphne says:

    Maarrrrrrr!!! What a great article 🙂 All the luck and love to you

  2. Carlijn says:

    It al looks so wonderfull mar!! How nice is your job!! Hava fun and a great season! miss you ! kisses XXXXXXX

  3. Paloma Valdés Martínez says:

    Estuve una semanita en Aucanada con mi marido, y contratamos una excursión con NOFRILLS, y fue de lo más divertido y estupendo que vivimos esos días. Sobre todo porque tuvimos la suerte de ser atendidos por nuestra guía favorita “Dori” y conducidos por nuestro chófer favorito “Toni”, que nos trataron de lujo, y aparte de su profesionalidad, derrocharon simpatía y amabilidad. Dori y Toni, os recordamos con cariño, os deseamos lo mejor y os agradecemos vuestra atención, por eso os enviamos desde Méntrida (Toledo) un gran abrazo y que sepais que aquí teneis un par de amigos. Besos. Paloma y Carlos

  4. Colin Greenwood says:

    Thank you Marjolein for your help and guidance on selecting the perfect tour for us on Friday 22nd June to Luc Monestry and Port of Solier, and tram to old town. Great trip, excellent value and can’t wait to book another trip with you next summer. Oh and the photo came out well!!
    LoL Colin

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