Our excursions in April 2015

We are back, the Winter goes very fast. At no frills excursions we are ready for another season, and we have started with our excursions in April 2015. Let us share with you what excursions we have planned for April 2015.


Excursions in April 2015 with no frills Excursions:

In April 2015 we have a shorter excursion programme as it is still low season and many venues are not open yet. We have put on this excursion programme our best excursions and a variety to make sure there is something for everybody:


Island Tour,with Bus, Train, Tram & Boat        Adult 59€            Child 17 €

Alcudia Xperience                                                Adult 18€                 Child 10 €




Palmabus                                                                      Ad 18€                Child 11€

Palma Aquarium and Playa de Palma                 Ad 40 €               Child 20€



Valldemossa + Soller                                                Ad 30€             Child 15€

Marineland                                                                 Ad 40€             Child 26€

Katmandu Park                                                          Ad 40€             Child 23€

Marineland + Katmandu                                        Ad 60€             Child 40€



Palmabus                                                                    Ad 18€               Child 11€

Palma Aquarium and Playa de Palma                Ad 40 €             Child 20€

Caves of Drach, Porto Cristo, Sineu market      Adult 40 €         Child 19,50 €

Formentor Xperience                                               Adult 22 €         Child 11 €



Island Tour,with Bus, Train, Tram & Boat       Adult 59€         Child 17 €

Marineland                                                                Ad 40€              Child 26€

Katmandu Park                                                        Ad 40€               Child 23€




Rural Mallorca                                                        Ad 28€             Child 26€

Palmabus                                                                  Ad 18€             Child 11€

Palma Aquarium and Playa de Palma              Ad 40 €           Child 20€

Formentor Xperience                                            Adult 22 €     Child 11 €

Pirates Main Deck                                                 Ad 49€             Child 30€



You can book any of this excursions on our website:


or you can come to any of our offices: http://www.nofrills-excursions.com/about_us/where-to-find-us.en.html


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