Mallorca Travel Quiz with photos

On this Mallorca Travel Quiz, we are going to test your knowledge of Mallorca. Invite your family, make teams and enjoy a little competition with amazing views. We hope that by bringing a piece of Mallorca to your home, we will also bring you some sunshine during this not easy quarantine time. Enjoy and, in the end, share your score in the comments with us.

Travel quiz about Mallorca with photos

How the Mallorca travel quiz works:

We have selected some photos, and step one will be to guess the correct location of the photo. Step two will be a question based on what the photo shows you. For example, we can show you a photo of Palma Cathedral and then a question about it, as “in what year was started to be built?”.

The travel quiz design is simple, as let’s be honest we are experts on Mallorca (and good ones) but we are not experts on web designs… so the way to do it is very easy. You need to write the answers on a paper and at the end you will find the answers and a short explanation about the place.

Mallorca Travel Quiz – Questions

Photo 1

mallorca travel quiz

Close to this viewpoint, we find a statue dedicated to a Mallorca priest and friar of the Franciscan order. He has a close relation with America. Do you know his name?

Photo 2

coll baix beach

There are many beautiful coves in Alcudia area, and this is one of our favorite ones. Close to the cove, there is a hill with a canon at the top, do you know the name of the hill?

Photo 3

Castillo de San carlos Palma

There are a few castles in Mallorca, can you guess in what place this one is and its name?

Photo 4

mallorca travel quiz

One of the smallest villages on the island. Nearby we find a village where a famous English poet is buried. Do you know his name?

Photo 5

mortitx vinyards

Mallorca wine! Can you name the name of the wine cellar where these vinyards are? And the extra question: what is the name of the most popular wine fiesta in Mallorca?

Photo 6

travel quiz beach

Our travel quiz in Mallorca loves beaches and coves. Guess the name of this impressive cove, and tell us where the road where you see this cove ends.

Photo 7

mallorca travel quiz

In what water park are we? The name of this water slide is vert scary, do you know it?

Photo 8

Sa pobla museum

If you have done our Rural Mallorca Excursion in the last two years, this is an easy question in our travel quiz. Can you guess the name of the town and the name of the patron saint of this town?

Photo 9

mallorca travel quiz

An easy one for our travel quiz. We are sure many of you know what village is. Do you also know the name of the Saint who was born on this street?

Photo 10

caves of drach

One of the caves in Mallorca and its famous lake. Do you know the name of the person who discovered the lake?

Mallorca Travel Quiz – Answers

Answer 1: Puig de Bonany in Petra. Fray Junipero Serra.

Puig de Bonany is situated close to Petra village. The name translated to English means “hill of the good year”. This is because in 1648 the harvest in Mallorca was terrible, except in the area where this hill is situated. Here it was the best harvest ever. And the locals decide to give this name to the hill, and they built a chapel at the top, where all the inhabitants still go once a year.

Petra is world famous because Fray Juniper Serra was born here in 1713. When he was 18 he became a member of the Franciscan religious order. Then he changed his name to Fray Junipero (Juniper). He decided to change his name, because in the church history, Juniper was the most fervent follower of Francisco de Asis, the founder of the order. In 1742, he graduated from the theology faculty of Ramon Llull in Palma. Since then his objective was to go to the New World to convert the Indian people to the Catholic Church, and he was trying to be posted there. Finally, in the spring of 1749 his request was accepted, and he went to the Mexican missions. There he converted many people, and helped them with the agriculture.

Picture of Junipero Serra

From there he went to California as a missionary and built 24 missions along the Pacific Ocean, that years later became small villages and today are big towns, like San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego… All those are names of saints’ paintings along the walls in the church of Petra, his home town. His statue is in every of the 24 American towns & cities that he founded and in the United States Capitol in Washington as one of the founding fathers of the country. He is the only foreigner in the Capitol. He was canonised in 2015 by Pope Francis.

Statues in Capitol

Answer 2: Coll Baix cove in Alcudia. Puig / Penya des Migdia

The Coll baix beach is a small secluded cove in Alcudia Bay, and it is one of our favourite coves in the area. You can get there by foot or by boat, and if you visit Alcudia in Spring or Autumn, it makes a lovely walk. If you come in Summer, you might prefer to visit it on one of the boat trips departing from Port de Alcudia that include a swimming stop.

Hidden cove - Coll Baix

Best Beaches near Alcudia

There are more than 200 beaches in Mallorca’s beautiful coastline. Our experts have prepared this article for you to help you choose the best beach near Alcudia and in the north area…

The Coll baix is in la Victoria Peninsula, where we find some fantastic walks. The most popular one is the walk to the Atalaya de La Victoria from where you can admire amazing 360 degrees views of the North of Mallorca, Formentor Peninsula and the Tramuntana area. An alternative in that area, and not know by many people, is the Puig des Migdia. Once you get to the top, you will be surprised to find an old canon from the 16th century.

Answer 3: San Carlos Castle in Palma

In Palma there are 2 castles: Bellver Castle and San Carlos Castle. Bellver castle is without any doubt the most known one. It is unique amongst Spanish castles for being round. The San Carlos castle is close to the cruise area in Porto Pi, where originally the port of Palma was located. It is a perfect example of the defensive architecture in the 17th century, a very interesting military museum and it has great views overlooking the Bay of Palma.

It belongs to the Ministery of Defense and, if you visit Palma, we highly recommend you to have a look. It is open Monday to Saturday, from 9 to 14 and the entrance is free.

Answer 4: Llucalcari village (Hamlet) located close to Deia village where Robert Graves is buried

Llucalcari is called also “The street”. It shows the aspect of a small rural nucleus with the restored buildings. It belongs to the municipality of Deia, and has 14 buildings. It is the smallest town of the island with around 16 inhabitants. But it has all that it needs for a town of Mallorca that be appreciated: castle (4 towers), church 16th century and, naturally, a hotel.

Mallorca Travel Quiz Deia village

In Deia, artists have resided during the last years and illustrious persons, without doubt attracted by the beauty of the landscape and the peacefulness of this place. An illustrate example is Robert Graves, the English poet proposed for the Nobel, lived here since 1930 until his death. His tomb is in the cemetery of Deia.

Answer 5: Mortitx wine cellar and the Festa des Vermar in Binissalem

Our most popular excursion is the Island Tour, and while on the bus we have many photo opportunities. This is one. Located on a valley surrounded by limestone rocks and close to the sea, this place is a hidden gem. It has also a special micro climate protected by the winds. The wine cellar was created in 2001, and the first wines released in 2004.

Binissalem Mallorca Travel Quiz Answer

Binissalem is well known on the island due to its wine production, and of course its main fiesta is related to wine. The Festa des Vermar (the Fiesta of the harvest) takes place in September with different activities, including wine tastings, a fair, local dances, parades, wine competitions and much more. Our favorite part is on Friday with al fresco dinner (sopar a la fresca). Each house invites friends and family to have dinner outside with typical mallorca food including “fideus de vermar”, a noodle soup, which is delicious.

Answer 6: Cala Figuera on the road to Cap de Formentor

This is a stunning beach, and it is on the road that goes to the Cap de Formentor where we find the Formentor lighthouse. It has a small pebble beach with crystalline waters, ideal for snorkel.

Cala Fuguera in Mallorca

The road to the Formentor lighthouse is 10 km. and was built in 1951. At the beginning the road goes through woods of pine trees, to pass the houses of Formentor and Cala Murta. Later we see the impressive view of Cala Figuera, we cross a tunnel and after several bends, we arrive to the lighthouse. There, the views of the cliffs and sea are incredible. The engineer Mariano Pascual was the promoter and the director of the works of this road that began to function in 1551. This road replaced the old road that still remainders are conserved, and it is possible to travel through it.

Answer 7:  Aqualand Arenal, King Cobra slide

Aqualand Arenal is the biggest water park in Mallorca with over 30 different water attractions. The King Cobra water slide is probably the one that calls more the attention, resembling a cobra snake. The slide is also of the scariest ones, and one of the latest water slides added to the offer at this water park.

Answer 8: Sa Pobla and Saint Antoni Museum

Sa Pobla has a big fiesta: Sant Antoni. And of course, this saint has his museum. Demons, the Saint, Cabezudos, Espinagades…  The fiesta takes place in January when all the residents of the town are out for a nightlong celebration, starting with the spectacular fireworks in the town square and the dance of the “cabezudos”, which are the very costumes and moveable statues that you can see all year round at the museum. Later there are “espinagades”, which are pastries with a filling of eel, made especially for this day, and music in the form of locals standing in groups outwitting each other with their clever ditties sung to the music or beat of the “ximbomba”, a very unique and local instrument. This is one of the most exciting and interesting fiestas on Mallorca and is definitely one not to be missed.

Answer 9: Valldemosa and the street where Santa Catalina Tomas was born

Santa Catalina Tomás was born in Valldemossa in 1533. Since she was a child, she experienced miracles and strange prodigies. Here are some examples:

  • Leaving a party that she was not enjoying, the virgin appears to her saying to her that she has been chosen by Jesus.
  • While she is working in the farmhouse, Jesus crucified appears to her.
  • Once while she’s crying for having desired her sister’s clothes, Santa Catalina and Praxedes appears to her to console her.
  • When she was 3 her father died. She started to pray for his soul and an angel appeared to say her not to worry because her dad was in the heaven.

Her parents died when she was a child and she was adopted by her uncle+auntie, and she was working in Son Gallard, a farmhouse. It was the Pare Castañeda who helped her to enter in a convent. First, she was not accepted in any because she was poor, but then a miracle happened when all the convents of Palma decided to accept her at the same time. She was very venerated by the population, and she became very famous.

Walk in Valdemossa during Santa Catalina celebration

She died in 1574, and the popular fervour increased since then. Serve as an example, that despite dying in 1574, her beatification was in 1972.

Answer 10: The Caves of Drach and Eduard Martel

There are about 200 caves in Mallorca, most of them at the east coast. There are five caves open to public. The Caves of Drach are the biggest and the most visited.

It was in 1896 that the archduke Luis Salvador from Austria sponsored the well known French geologist Eduard Martel to come to Mallorca and explore the caves. He discovered the lake today known as Martel’s Lake. The lake is 200 yards long, 50 yards wide and the depth about 15-30 feet.  There are two small islands in the lake known as Mallorca and Menorca.  The water is crystal clear, sweet and salt water (3% salt). The lake level is at the sea’s level.

Places to take a picture in Caves of Drach

10 curious facts about Caves Drach

For those who want to know all history of Caves of Dracg and for those who want to discover all the secrets…

In front of the sea there is an amphitheatre, 700 sitings. As soon as everybody sits by the lake a concert takes place. As the acoustic in the caves is very good, I’m sure you will enjoy the classical music concert. Lights in the cave is a masterpiece of a Spanish engineer named Bohigas. The light is white and there are no coloured lamps. So the concert begins, they put out the light and small boats sail across the lake with musicians aboard. As soon as the concert is over, if you like you can board the boat on the lake’s left side. There is a pier or you can walk along the right side of the lake to the way out if you prefer.

We hope you enjoyed our Mallorca Travel Quiz and discovered something interesting about our island, you did not know before. Any questions, or maybe you were right by all the photos? Let us know in the comments below.

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