Easter Processions in Mallorca

Easter processions are very important in Mallorca, especially in the capital of the island Palma de Mallorca, celebrations are very festive. You can now (since 2018) enjoy 9 of them during the Holy Week. Our local experts prepared for you the ultimate guide about those celebrations, with dates, infos and routes.

Jesus figure during Easter Processions in Mallorca

Introduction to Easter Processions

In Easter processions in Mallorca participate up to 33 brotherhoods, consisting with about 4,800 parishioners. They carry the platforms, where some of them have even around 1200 kg and it is sometimes to 28 persons needed to move them. Each one brotherhood has own colors, platform and even a music band.

Brotherhoods during Easter Processions in Mallorca

Easter processions

Friday of Sorrows

The very first procession takes place on Friday of Sorrows and the last on Good (Holy) Friday. Friday of Sorrows is a Friday before Palm Sunday. The thematics is about the Virgin Mary and her emotional pain of the lost of her son. In some places it is traditionally known as Our Lady in Passiontide. In Palma de Mallorca the itinerary is following:

  • Starting point: Convent dels Caputxins at 7:30 P.M.
  • Route: Convent dels Caputxins, Pl. de l’Olivar, Sant Miquel, Pl. Major, Pl. Marquès del Palmer, Colom, Pl. de Cort, Cadena, Pl. Santa Eulàlia, C. del Convent de Sant Francesc, Pl. de Sant Francesc and entrance to Basílica de Sant Francesc.
Figure of Virgin Mary during easter processions in Mallorca

Palm Sunday

In this tradition we celebrate the triumphal entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem. It is a very festive and colorful tradition, where people bring the variety of palms or olive branches with and it takes place on Palm Sunday, so one week before Easter Sunday.

  • Starting point: at 18:00 from Parròquia de Sant Jaume.
  • Route: C. Sant Jaume – Pl. Joan Carles I, Passeig des Born – Sant Feliu, Sant Gaietà – Can Asprer, Jaume III – Baró Santa Maria del Sepulcre, Berenguer de Sant Joan – Bonaire, Concepció – entrance to Convent de la Concepció.
View of Jerusalem today
View of Jerusalem today

Holy Monday

Bible event, which is connected with that day: The cleansing of the Temple.

El Greco - Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple
El Greco – Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple
  • Procesión del Sant Crist de l’Agonia y de Nostra Senyora de l’Esperança i la Pau, starting point at 20:15 in Santa Clara Monastery.
    • Route A: Monestir de Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Puresa, Morey, Pl. Santa Eulàlia, Can Fortuny, Call, Monti-sion and entrance to Monti-sion Church
    • Route B: Pl. Santa Eulàlia – Cadena, Colom – Pl. d’en Coll, Corderia – Travessa d’en Ballester, Socors – Pl. Pes de sa Palla, Pelleteria and entrance to Monti-sion Church
  • Procesión del Sant Crist dels Boters, starting point at 21:00 in Sant Joan de Malta Curch
    • Route: Llotja de Mar – Pça. Drassana, Sant Pere – Carrer Sant Llorenç, Costa de Santa Creu – Sant Feliu, Montenegro – Sant Joan and entrance to Sant Joan de Malta Church.

Holy Tuesday

On that day we hear the announcement of Judas’ betrayal and denial of Saint Peter.

Procession on Holy Tuesday in Palma de Mallorca: Procesión de la Verge Dolorosa, starting point at 21:00 in la Parròquia de Sant Nicolau.

  • Route: Pl. Frederic Chopin, Tous i Maroto – Constitució, Passeig des Born – Pl. Joan Carles I, Unió – Pl. des Mercat, Pl. Weyler – Riera, Via Roma – Costa de la Sang, Pl. de l’Hospital and entrance to a l’Església de la Sang.

Holy Wednesday

Bible event, which is connected with that day: Judas’s betrayal.

Kiss of Judas - Giotto di Bondone
  • Procesión del Sant Crist de Santa Creu, starting point at 20:30 in Parròquia de Santa Creu.
    • Route: Forn de l’Olivera – Barques de Bou, Pólvora – Porta de Santa Catalina, Santa Creu – Sant Feliu, Montenegro – Sant Joan, Llotja de Mar – Pl. Drassana, Sant Pere – Sant Llorenç, Costa de Santa Creu, Forn de l’Olivera and entrance to Parròquia de Santa Creu.
  • Procesión del Camí de Getsemaní, starting point at 21:00 in Parròquia de la Soledat.
    • Route: Cabrera – Rector Petro, Manacor – Antoni Rosselló i Nadal, Sureda – Reis Catòlics, Pl. Miquel Dolç – Carrer Adrià Ferrà and entrance to Parròquia de Sant Josep Obrer.

Maundy Thursday

Holy Thursday in the Catholic Church is celebrated in memory of the establishment of two sacraments: the priesthood and the Eucharist.

In Mallorca it is a day of the most important Easter procession, which is celebrated since 1564 and is chaired by the image of Crist de la Sang. Only in this procession all of the brother- and sisterhoods of Palma de Mallorca are participating. It starts in Iglesia de la Anunciación at 19:00 and ends in the Cathedral.

You can see all of the itinerary here:

Route: Pl. de l’Hospital – Costa de la Sang, Oms – Sant Miquel, Pl. Major – Pl. Marquès del Palmer, Colom – Pl. de Cort, Palau Reial – Pl. de la Seu and entrance to La Seu through the Portal Major.

On that day following the Catholic tradition priests (in reference to the Last Supper) wash the feet of 12 men (in reference to 12 apostles) during mass. There are also a small processions inside the parishes.

Good Friday

Bible event, which is connected with that day: the crucifixion of Jesus and his death.

The Raising of the Cross by Rembrandt
The Raising of the Cross by Rembrandt

On that day procession leaves at 19:00 from the San Francisco Church and ends in the Socorrs Church. It is a procession of Holy Burial, where the order of departure of the brotherhoods is based on their seniority.

Route: Pl. de Sant Francesc – Convent de Sant Francesc, Pl. de Santa Eulàlia – Cadena, Pl. Cort – Colom – Bosseria, Galera – Corderia – Quartera, Esparteria – Mercadal, Travessia d’en Ballester, Socors and entrance to Socors Church.

Holy Saturday

The Deposition by Raffaello Santi
The Deposition by Raffaello Santi

Holy Saturday is a day of silence in the Church. There is no Eucharist or sacraments provided except for the anointing of the sick and confession. The altars are empty, all lights are switched off and the empty tabernacles are open. On Saturday night in all the churches of Mallorca the Easter Eve Service is celebrated. It is a very important celebration for Catholics, because Jesus resurrects tonight. They sing “Glory” and the bells ring in all churches.

The most famous one takes place in Cathedral of Mallorca at 22:00.

Easter Sunday

Bible event, which is connected with that day: the resurrection of Jesus.

Resurrection of Christ by Santi
Resurrection of Christ Raffaello Santi

There are no scheduled processions on Easter Sunday, but some parishes of Mallorca celebrate the Holy Encounter ones. Those processions are lead by sculptures of the risen Christ and the Virgin Mary.

The Easter Mass is celebrated in the Catherdral in Palma at 10:15 am. Traditionally the Spanish Royal Family attends the celebration from 12.00 o´clock. On the website of the Diocese of Mallorca you can check the service schedules and more information.

Easter Activities

It is a lot of things to do during Easter in Mallorca. Please follow the link to our article about what to do during this holidays on the island.

Hope you found all the useful information you needed to plan your best time and choose one or more Easter processions in Mallorca to join.

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