Easter in Mallorca: events, food, things to do

Easter is the most important holiday in the catholic religion. During Easter in Mallorca the death and resurrection of Jesus is remembered. It is also after Christmas, the second holiday period of the year and an excellent time to meet with the family, friends or travel … For those, who are going to visit Mallorca during Easter, we have prepared this article to explain how Easter time looks like on the island. It is also an ultimate guide with suggestions for activities during Holy Week, places to visit, things to do, gastronomy…

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How is Easter in Mallorca?

Easter origin

Holy Week dates are determined by the lunar calendar. As established by the Council of Nicea, in 325, the Sunday after the first full moon after the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, it’s Easter Sunday or also named resurrection day. This date can be between March 22 and April 25, and sets the schedule of the Holy Week. In 2020 schedule looks as follows:

Palm Sunday during Easter in Mallorca
  • 5 April, Palm Sunday
  • 6 April, Holy Monday
  • 7 April, Holy Tuesday
  • 8 April, Holy Wednesday
  • 9 April, Maundy Thursday
  • 10 April, Good Friday
  • 11 April, Holy Saturday
  • 12 April, Easter Sunday

Holy Week is, as its name suggest, an entire week in which the Catholic Church adds the adjective “holy” before the name of each day of the week. In the calendars you can only find this adjective usually next to Maundy (Holy) Thursday and Good (Holy) Friday, because they are treated as the most meaningful days, after Easter Sunday.

Easter in Mallorca

Easter is celebrated very festive also in Mallorca. You can join one of the amazing processions – especially on Palm Sunday and Holy Friday in Palma old town or take time to meet with friends and family. Even the Spanish royal family is spending this time on the island! Good idea is also an Easter roadtrip around the different places in Mallorca to spot traditions, which are specific for every village and town around. Easter Sunday is a popular day for family picnic.

For some, it is a start of the new season, for others religious celebration and great tradition. For those looking for fun, you can also find a lot of season opening parties in Palma de Mallorca or join the Easter Brunch f.e. in The Boat House Palma or Son Julia Country House Hotel in Llucmajor.

Important events

  • Via crucis by the Cathedral on Good Friday
  • Vigilia Pascual on Holy Saturday
  • On Sunday the church service at 12:00 with the royal family

Easter processions

Easter processions in Mallorca are very festive and full of amazing performances. You will be visually amazed with hooded penitents on the streets of almost every town and village in Mallorca during those days. If you are visiting Mallorca during Easter you can not miss this experience!

Palm Sunday Palm Sunday in Mallorca

Easter in Mallorca Maundy Thursday

Good Friday Easter in Mallorca - Holy Friday

Ester Sunday Celebration Easter Sunday

If you are already very curious about the Easter processions on the island, we share this video of Good Friday procession in Palma de Mallorca with you:

You can also find more information in our special article about Easter Processions in Mallorca:


If you are interested to know what do we eat in Mallorca in Easter, we have prepared a list of those traditional food that is typical of Easter in Mallorca.

It is a tradition for families in Mallorca to get together over Easter to prepare some typical pastries: Panades, Cocarrois and Robiols.

  • Panades are like the version of English pies. Like a covered basket with the shape of a pie, made of flour and filled with lamb meat, lamb and peas, or cod.
  • Cocarrois: the shape of a Cornish pasty, but filled with Swiss Chard, Sweet Onion, Garlic and Raisins.
  • Robiols: they are sweet half-moon shaped pastries made from flour, sugar and egg and filled with marmalade, angel’s hair (made from pumpkin), or “brossat” (curd cheese)
  • Crespells: sweet biscuits made for Easter with different shapes
Easter cookies

You can also find these delicacies all year round in the bakeries, and they cost around 2€ per piece. You find the traditional ones, but also some “modern ones” with the ingredients. For example, with cuttlefish, vegetarian… A place to mention is the bakery “Forn de Sa Soca” in Palma, where they look into “gastronomy arqueology” by trying to recuperate very old recipes, as for example a “panada” of red mullet.

Mona de Pascua

Another typical gastronomy product in Mallorca for Easter are the Mona de Pascua. These are figures and sculptures made of chocolate that are traditionally eaten during Easter. They can have many shapes such as a rabbit, an egg, a cartoon character… Walking around Palma you’ll soon notice that all bakeries and sweet shops have lots of chocolate monas de pascua on display. They could be a building, a popular character or a representation of anything! They are perfect present for the kids. The tradition in Mallorca dictates that godparents are to buy one of these for their godchildren every Easter.

What to do in Easter in Mallorca? (2020: due to COVID-19 situation changes or cancelations are possible)

During Easter there are many things to do in Mallorca. If you are going to stay in the North Area, where we are based, we have some suggestions to make the most of Easter:

  • Go to see one of the Easter Processions, either in Alcudia or on Friday in Pollensa
  • Enjoy one of our excursions. During the Easter holiday we have prepared a full programme with many excursions and things to do.
  • You can go to the Fira del Ram in Palma CANCELLED

For more information about Easter Activities in Mallorca, please enjoy our special article:

Majorca weather in Easter

The Easter week weather forecast is normally favorable in Mallorca. The arrival of the Spring makes the temperature go up, and it becomes nicer to go out for a stroll or just to chill out at one of the bars / café terraces while enjoying the Easter atmosphere and sunshine. Even for the most dare ones, it is possible to go for a swim at one of Mallorca beaches. For those who still find the water a bit cold, a nice suggestion is to go for a stroll by the sea, or just to sunbathe and enjoy the first rays of sunshine.

Easter in Mallorca Weather Forecast

You can check the weather forecast in Mallorca here.

We read recently on a Trip Advisor forum:

¨Hi we’re out Easter week end. Weather forecasts from England are shocking any one out there cheer me up with a better forecast in Mallorca?¨

So, we bet you are happy to read that Easter in Mallorca has a great weather.

Hope that thanks to our information you can find perfect ideas for Easter celebration in Mallorca. Leave us a comment if you need some additional information.

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