10 curious facts about the Caves of Drach

No trip to Mallorca is complete if you have not visited the Caves of Drach. For those who want to know all their history and for those who want to discover all the secrets, when a simple look at this wonder of the subsoil of Mallorca is not enough, we have prepared a list of 10 things that (probably) you didn’t know about the Drach Caves:

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1- The Caves Drach are privately owned

Many are those who think that the Caves of Drach belong to the Balearic Government, nothing is further from reality. They are privately owned. In 1922 Joan Servera Camps bought them from the previous owner Mr. Moragues and preprared them so they could be visit.

2- Stable temperature all year

The interior of the caves has a special microclimate, so that inside the cave the temperature remains constant throughout the year, with an average temperature of 18-20 degrees, a humidity of 80-82%. So when visiting the Caves, it is not necessary to go very warm dressed with scarf or gloves.

inside of caves drach

3- One of the most visited tourist attractions in Mallorca

The Caves of Drach are open all year round, and in the summer season they have visits every hour from 10:00 to 17:00, and in each visit they can have about 500 visitors.

4- A cove in the Caves of Drach

Behind the entrance to the caves, there is a small creek of rocks and crystal clear waters. On one of the sides in the background there is a fountain from which water comes from the subsoil. An interesting fact because you can combine the visit with a bath in the cove. To reach them, we must go to the entrance to the Caves, and we will see that in its back there is a stone wall with a gate, from there we follow a small path that leads directly to the cove.

5- Boat trip inside the caves

There are many who forget that at the end of the concert at Lake Martel, you can enjoy, and at no extra cost, a boat trip on Lake Martel. So, on your next visit to the Caves, don’t forget to get on the boat. At the end of the music concert, you must go to the left side, and there you can get in one of the boats, which in a journey of about two minutes will take you to the other side of Lake Martel, where you have the exit path of the Caves of Drach.

boat trip in caves of drach

Before, to exit the Lake Martel had to be done by boat, but later a path was created to border it by land.

6- Souvenir shop

No doubt all tourist attractions have their souvenir shop, which we often relate to very expensive prices. In the Caves of Drach they have a series of articles, related to the caves, such as a book or photos that they sell at very cheap prices. So it’s worth stopping by the souvenir shop at the end of your visit to the caves.

7- A defensive tower

Very close to the caves, we found a defensive tower built in the 16th century to prevent pirate attacks in this area. The tower was restored in the 80s, and can be visited for free, to enjoy spectacular views of the east coast. An excellent recommendation to add to your visit to the Caves of Drach.

8- Majorica pearls

Majorica pearls are world famous, and since 2016 they have a store located 200 meters from the caves that opens all year. In the store you can know with a 360 video the history of pearls, and if you want to buy items from Majorica pearls at factory prices.

9- Ants in the Caves of Drach

Typhlocirolana Moraguesi in Caves Drach

Inside the caves are some blind ants, but not water crabs, as in Hams. These ants were discovered and investigated in 1904 by the Romanian biologist Emil G. Racovitza, who thus initiated a new science: bioscience. The scientific name of the bug is nothing less than (hold on), Typhlocirolana Moraguesi, this last name in memory of the former owner of the caves.

10- The color of the water in the caves

The water is partially salted / 10.6 grams per liter: boiling 100 liters of water we get 1 kg. And salt peak). Water rises or falls, so the level of the lakes is not invariable; it has changed over time and within different periods. This is due to atmospheric pressure, so it is believed that this variation is due to maritime storms and that when the wind blows from the sea, the waters go down. It also get influenced by the action of the moon.

Depending on the color we can know the depth:

  • If it is green there are 3 meters deep
  • If it is blue there are 8 meters deep
  • If it is white there is 1 meter deep

The black color of the cave before Lake Martel is due to microscopic fungi of the mold family.

Tour to Caves of Drach

If after reading this article you are even more interested to visit this amazing place you can choose our half day tour to Caves of Drach. It is a tour with late pick up – after breakfast, sightseeing with official guide and boat trip in Lake Martel. There is no better way to organize this sighseeing trip if you are staying on the north of the island.

If you have any additional questions about the article or the tour, please do not hesitate to contact us in comment or per mail.

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