Ultimate guide to Hiking in Mallorca

There are many outdoor activities, which you can enjoy in Mallorca and hiking is one of the most popular.  Beautiful views and many hiking trials are a good reason for travellers from around the world to visit the island. Hiking in Mallorca is a unique experience and can bring you many unforgettable moments. In this article our local experts prepared for you information about the famous and popular routes, hiking tips and many useful recommendations. Just put your hiking boots on go on a adventure!

Hidden cove - Coll Baix

Why hiking?

Hiking is now one of the most popular outdoor activities. This sport is availabe for everyone and around the world. Also in Mallorca you will find many well organized and marked hiking trials. There is also wide range of unmarked routes, where you can put your initiative in action and discover Mallorca on your own. Of couse it is an option for advanced hikers. Good point is that no much equipment – if not much advanced trial – is needed and you just need the proper shoes, water and your legs, ready to go on adventure 😉

adventure funny picture

Hiking has also many profits for your lifestyle and health. It is one of the best possibilities to escape and disconect from your daily routine. Hiking gives you opportunity to shut down your phone (take a camera instead) and enjoy relaxing activity, no instant call to action time. You can stop thinking about your work, problems and just breath fresh air, admire beautiful views around and focus on the top. Trust me that your legs and spine will be thankful for even a short one hour hike after 8hrs working day or long flight.

We are aware that hiking is not a priority for most of the travellers, who come to Mallorca. But maybe this article will inspire you to try something new, get out of your comfort zone and spend even one day in nature, creating new vision, discovering the unknown. Every vacation needs a bit of that, you know… just to install new software in your brain 😉 ! Why not choose the hiking trials in Mallorca to do that?

person in the woods

Mallorca geography and hiking landscape

There are two mountains ranges in Mallorca – Tramuntana Mountains and Serra de Llevant. In both you will find hiking trials for travellers on every level. In this article our local experts prepared for you the routes recommendations on few levels: basic, advanced and with children. Hiking in Mallorca is possible during the whole year, so if you are not a fan of high tempertures, feel welcome to visit us in winter. Good to know that some trials are only available during special seasons, so please check it before you go. As always, safety first! Walking in Mallorca in each part of the year will bring you many unforgettable moments and views. Just check our info and choose the best time for your hiking tours in Balearic Islands, especially Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

The hiking trials in Mallorca are well-marked so you can discover them on your own. There are also companies, which have hiking and walking tours in their offers. By them you can find not official routes, which are incredible as well. The choice is yours, just remember that if you have not much hiking experience, doing it in the group will be a better idea. By booking an organized hiking tours you will get the knowledge and eperience from the best Mallorca walking guide. It will make your hiking in Mallorca safer and much more enjoyable. There is no better possibility than to discover the area on hiking trial with help of local expert.

Local experts tips on hiking in Mallorca

Private lands

As already listed above, we recommed you to follow the marked trials during hiking tours in Mallorca. Most of the land in Mallorca is privatelly owned, what can finish with ¨not entrance¨sign if you not follow the route corretly. If you leave the hiking trial in some moment you will just meet with closed gate and need to come back to the route. 

Hostels and refuges during hiking in Mallorca

Tossals Verds hostel in Mallorca

If hiking is your main goal in Mallorca and you want to spend the most of the time on the trials, the island is very well prepared in accomodation topic. In the Serra de Tramuntana mountains you can find hostels and refugies, which are the best places to rest after exhausting walking day and recharge your batteries. Those places offer also meals and many special deals for hiking fans. Who knows, maybe you will meet new hiking friends for the next day, hear some local stories from the staff or get the idea of another routes?…

If you are thinking about the booking an organized hiking tours you can already ask your Mallorca walking guide about the refugies info and location. Walking in Mallorca is one of the best way to get to know best and hidden sides of the biggest of the Balearic Islands.

You can book your place by this website: conselldemallorca.

You will find there also the current openings and Covid-19 restrictions information.

Hiking trials in Mallorca

GR 221

Hiking trial on Mallorca

8 parts, 135 km of total length, many levels and epic experience.. Best known and the most famous hike in Mallorca is called Dry Stone Route. The route takes you from Port D´Andratx through whole Tramuntana Mountain Range to Pollensa in the north of the island. It is an ultimate hiking experience through whole island of Mallorca and its UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will not find a better one and with such variety of views, hiking trials, stages in whole Balearic Islands. If you are up for adventure and want to do the whole path, you can organize yourself with accomodation in several refuges (for more info check the paragraph before).

If you are a hiking fan and middle-/advanced explorer, this should be your number 1 among hiking trails in Mallorca. Serra de Tramuntana will provide you wide range of amazing sea and mountains landscapes, which will be unforgettable.

Mallorca landscape
Hiking on GR221 route in mallorca

Walking in Mallorca is contagious so be prepared that after this route or the part of this hiking trial, you will be hungry for more! 😉

Archduke's Pass

Luis Salvador,  Archduke of Austria was one of the first and greatest hiking explorers of Mallorca, especially near the area of Valldemossa. He discover many beautiful sights of Tramuntana Mountains and you can also follow his footsteps. Archduke´s Pass will let you enjoy f.e. unique Sa Foradada.

Sa Foradada Viewpoint in Mallorca

This hike starts from Valldemossa and takes around 5 – 6 hrs (approx. 12 km). We recommend to do it with a Mallorca walking guide as much of the route is not marked.

Mallorca Travel Quiz Deia village
View of Valldemosa

For more information about the Archduke Luis Salvador you can visit our guide below.

Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria

Mallorca In October – The Best Things To See And Do

Article about things to see and do in Mallorca in October. Guide to inspire you to plan summer/autumn escapade to the island.

Torrent de Pareis Hiking Route

View through the Torrent de Pareis

One of the most famous and also challenging hiking route in Mallorca. If you would like to feel like crossing the Grand Canyon in the smaller version, this hiking trial is for you. We recommend to do it with a local guide, as the route is difficult. It takes around 5 hours through amazing rock, mountains formations. For sure unforgettable experience during your holidays in Mallorca. Especially that the route ends in Sa Calobra – one of the most beautiful bays in Mallorca.

For more information about Sa Calobra we recommend a lecture of our experts guide.

Village Sa Calobra on the shore of the Mediterranean sea. Island Majorca, Spain.

Sa Calobra Guide

La Calobra is one of the most visited places in Mallorca, located in the Sierra de Tramuntana, in the municipality of Escorca. In this guide to visit La Calobra, we want to share a lot of practical information and curiosities. All for you can plan the visit and enjoy your excursion to the fullest.

Hiking trial from Pollensa to Lluc

Sanctuary in Lluc inside

For those more adventurous who like to disconnect completely from urbanization there is a walk from the village of Pollenca to the Sanctuary of Lluc, although this is a full day undertaking. Leaving the village take the road Ma-10 towards Lluc, passing Km 5 you will find a bus stop and it’s here you take a left turn. The walk to Lluc is approximately 12 kilometers and is quite an easy hike and for all abilities including children.

View of the sanctuary in Lluc
Monastery in LLuc

After reaching the monastery you can enjoy lunch at one of the restaurants with Mallorcan cuisine. We recommend a walk through the gardens or visit the local travel information for more hiking ideas in this area. You will also find the options to join organized hiking tours with Mallorca walking guide. 

Almond Blossom Hiking in Mallorca

In Mallorca there are around 4 million of almond trees, and the blossom is in February, and it is spectacular. The white flower of the almonds stands out in the mallorcan countryside, and February is a perfect month to do an almond blossom route in Mallorca countryside.

Almond flower in Alcudia Mallorca

A recommended route is in the Raiguer area, the area situated at the foot of the mountain area, between the Tramuntana area and the inland area. Around the villages of Santa Maria, Binissalem, Consell, Alaro and Lloseta you can see many almonds in flower. You can combine the route with a stop in one of the wine villages of Santa Maria, Consell or Binissalem to visit a bodega and get to know about the mallorcan wines. For lunch opt for “menu del dia” at a local restaurant, this is a 3 course meal with drinks for around 12€.

Alaró Castle Hiking Trial

One of the most amazing hiking routes in Mallorca for sure. It takes approx 2 hrs and is on medium level of hiking skills. Route sourrounded by cliffs is simply amazing. What is waiting at the top for you? First of all the ruins of Alaro Castle, which are very impressive to visit, and not only for fans of history. And incredible views over Tramuntana mountains. Pack camera, put your shoes and let´s go!

Cala Figuera Hiking Trial

cala figuera

For sure TOP Beach Hike Spot. This destination is popular by all possible ways: boat, jet ski, llaut, bike, and also walking. Our recommendation is to get to the Formentor Beach parking by car and then follow the road by bike, bus or walking. Remember! During the summer season there are transfer restrictions on Formentor Penisula for cars.  You can also get to the hike starting point by bus, which goes to the end of Cap Formentor. Cala Figuera will welcome you with its crystal clear water and amazing views of the coast on the way there. As already mentioned there are many hiking trials in Mallorca, but those which are leading you to the beach are one of the most popular ideas, especially in summer.

Hike is on medium level, but possible to make also with bigger children. Nice idea to spend a day in nature with friends. Just remember that it is not a guarded beach. Also, no shops around so water supplies and food need to be taken with you. This is a Top destination in Mallorca and for sure worth the time and the effort. 

Animals in Mallorca
Goat in Cala Figuera

Hiking with children in Mallorca

We can not recommend enough this activity to do with children. It will be a great idea to spend one of your days in Mallorca hiking with your kids. It can be a lot of fun for everybody, nice idea to show them something more than the hotel, pool and beach, possibility to bring them closer to the nature. Check our two recommended hiking trials in Mallorca with children.

Walk from Puerto Pollensa to Cala Boquer

Puerto Pollensa is a lovely village in the north of Mallorca. Choosen many times as great location to spend your family holidays in Mallorca, Balearic Islands. There are many great hotels located in this area, lovely little beaches near sea promenade and amazing windsurf opportunities. Just look at those idyllic views!

One of the little beaches in Puerto Pollensa
View of kitesurfers in Pollensa Bay

If you are staying in Puerto Pollensa or nearby we would like to recommed you the walk to Cala Boquer. This hike takes around 1 h 30 min – depends on how many photo stops will you make 😉 It is an easy trial, but sport footwear will be needed, because of some sandy and stony parts of the road. Please, take also a hat, as most of the route is under the open sky.

View over Cala Boquer
Route to Cala Boquer in Mallorca

The destination will surprise you with crystal clear waters and some friends… yes! you can meet goats there or on your way. Just remember to keep your distance and stay safe. Especially when they are interested in the food you took with you for picnic 😉 Meeting the wild life of Balearic Islands is for sure nice to experience during your holidays.

Ermita de Bonany

ermita bonany mallorca

Very nice and easy 1 hour route, which all your family members will enjoy. Up on this 315 m hill you will find the monastery, hostel, nice picnic space and lovely views of Mallorcan cities like Petra or Binissalem. The 1 hour route begin in Petra town.

Picnic area in Ermita de Bonany
Monastery de Bonany in mallorca

Hope our article was helpful for you and now you can plan your best hiking in Mallorca experience. If you have any questions, additional information or the idea of the route, which also should be listed above, leave us a comment below.

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