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Palma Aquarium is one of the best tourist attractions in Mallorca and is open all year. In June 2018, it has been awarded by the Trip Advisor website as one of the best tourist attractions of the year, being the first aquarium awarded in the list of best zoos. In this guide we would like to share a lot of important information, so you can plan your amazing visit.

Clown fish in Palma Aquarium in Mallorca

We recommend you to spend more than 3 hours in Palma Aquarium, because how you will see, there is much you can do and see. Enjoy the visit, and live a unique and unforgettable experience!

Visit to Palma Aquarium:

The Palma Aquarium tour presents an exciting journey that immerses the visitor at the bottom of the oceans, in which we discover all these areas:


The visitor walks through a space that lacks light, except for the one of the 24 aquariums that shows the variety of life forms that inhabits the Mediterranean, from the reefs near the seahore to the deepest areas. It is an exhibition of different areas and depths of our environment: shallow waters, middle column and the extraordinary richness of the sea life.

Species in Palma Aquarium

Each of the species located in these aquariums comes from Mediterranean habitats, having collected them with the traditional and usual arts of the area.


Away from our seas, the visitor continues the journey to unknown waters, entering tropical ecosystems of the oceans of Asia, America and Oceania.

Tropical species

The color of the tropical seas surprises the visitor for its intensity and variety of shades; as well as the strange creatures and the striking corals that are discovered in the waters of this unknown world. The species that inhabit the 25 aquariums of this stage of the journey are native to the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans, famous oceans for the richness of coral reefs.


Halfway through the trip, the visitor accesses a landscaped area that recreates the beauty of Mallorcan landscapes; a large area that combines Mediterranean vegetation with carp, gold and striped tanks. In this area there is also a fun and recreational area where the little ones can enjoy the pirate ship with its wooden hiding places.


Then we are entering the Amazon jungle! Its vegetation and the humidity of the environment make this area an oasis for any summer day. La Jungla is the largest roof garden in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. Thanks to the microclimate created to ensure the well-being and optimal growth of jungle vegetation, we are achieving a perfect replica of this terrestrial ecosystem.

Waterfall in Aquarium in Mallorca

The design, cultivation and transfer of plants, the formula for the soil to remain fertile, the drainage of the substrate, the ecological construction of the soil, using recycled rubber for the first time in Europe, or the use of ecological pesticides are characteristics of an impressive network of tasks that visitors can appreciate and admire.


The Big Blue is the deepest shark aquarium in Europe, 33 meters long, 25 meters wide, 8.5 meters deep. A large tank with 3.5 million liters of salt water.

Shark feeding in Palma Aquarium

The main tank of Palma Aquarium has been built below sea level and is subject to a special waterproofing process. The visitor descends to the viewing area of ​​the central aquarium through a transparent tunnel through which he sees sharks and rays swimming over his head, which evokes even more strongly the feeling of submersion in the depths of the ocean.

Both the depth of the aquarium and the design of the large transparent tunnel that crosses it, as well as the entry of natural light into space make it a unique construction in Europe.


Palma Aquarium offers many activities that you can enjoy during your visit:

  • Animation for children – in the summer season and school holidays – with different activities for families with children f.e. face painting, balloon warfare, dancing, games …
  • Shark vision boat : This is a paid activity (€ 10) in which with a boat with transparent ground you travel the big blue, while watching the fishes and sharks that live there.
  • Another paid activity is the snorkeling with stripes. Good especially for children, because its organized in a shallow aquarium.
  • Daily meetings with animals, during which Palma Aquarium guides explains curiosities and anecdotes. It is a free activity and has these schedules:

Big Blue – Watch how sharks feed at 13:00h

Panoramic coral tank – Napoleon fish at 13:30h

La Laguna (Tropical Seas Zone) – Morenas at 13:45

Turtle tank (Gardens) at 14:00h

Japanese carp pond at 14:15h

Striped Tank (Gardens) at 14:30h

* The schedules may be modified, confirm schedules with the Palma Aquarium guides.

  • Other activities : on the Palma Aquarium website you can see more activities, such as sleeping with sharks, birthdays …

Other services:

  • Neptune restaurant with a Mediterranean cuisine menu.
  • Mediterra: a cafeteria restaurant with a self service buffet.
  • Gift and souvenir shop, just before departure.
Palma Aquarium Gift Shop

Palma Aquarium prices:

On our website Nofrills Excursions you can check the prices of the tickets and excursion, and take advantage of our special offers.

Palma Aquarium schedule:

From November 1 to March 31:

• From Monday to Friday: 10h opening, 14h last access, 15.30 park closing.

• On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 10h opening, 16h last access, 17.30 park closing.

Special Christmas hours:

•  Special Christmas Hours:  10:00 Opening – 16:00 Last access – 17:30 park closing

•  Special Schedule December 25 and 26:  10:00 Opening – 13:00 Last access – 14:00 park losing

•  Special Schedule 1 January:  11:00 Opening – 16:00 Last access – 17:30 park losing

From April 1 to October 31:

  • From Monday to Sunday, holidays included: from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

How to get to Palma Aquarium?

It is very easy to reach Palma Aquarium from anywhere in Mallorca:

  • By car: take exit 10 on the Palma-Llucmajor highway, and follow the indications.
  • By public bus: in the Palma area the EMT has lines 15, 23 and 25 that have a stop next to Palma Aquarium.
  • On organized excursion
  • If you stay in Playa de Palma, Arenal or Can Pastilla you can arrive on foot or by bicycle.
Walk in El Arenal

Hope that our article will help you organized the most amazing visit to Palma Aquarium during your holidays in Mallorca. If you have any addictional questions or want to tell us about your visit, please leave us a comment.

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