Mallorca (Majorca) in October – The Best Things to See and Do

In these strange times that we are experiencing it can sometimes be difficult to look forward to a future of holidays. At the moment of writing, June 2021, who knows what the summer will bring and if there will be any summer holidays at all. From our point of view, we are trying to stay positive and that is reflected in our writing. Hope, that our next article about things to see and do in Mallorca in October will inspire you to plan summer/autumn escapade to the island.

View of the windy coast in Mallorca

Mallorca Weather in October

The weather in Mallorca in October is plesant. With approximately 11 hours of sunshine the days are still long and the nights are cool. If you are a local you welcome the opportunity of a good night’s sleep, as it is not so hot. Temperatures are on average in the mid-20s.

  • How hot can it get in October?

Mallorca is generally not summertime hot in October. The highest temperature recorded in Palma airport was 33,6 °C in 2014. As an average, the daytime temperature is 21.1 °C, but at noon it can reach 27.1 °C and at night time 8-14 °C.

  • Can you sunbathe in Mallorca in October?

If you are lucky you can have beach weather in Mallorca in October. The sea is warm with an average temperature of 22 °C.

  • What should I pack with this weather?

In your suitcase to travel to Mallorca in October you will need shorts, light trousers, T-shirts. Don’t forget the beach stuff such as towel, bikini and sun cream. If you are planning to dine al fresco, it is advisable to bring a jersey or cardigan for the evenings.  We recommend to bring a light rain jacket as well.

  • Will it rain in Mallorca in October?

Whilst we do not have a crystal ball we can say for some certainty that it will rain in October. There can be storms although generally they do not last very long.

  • What time are the sunset and the sunrise in October?

The Sunrise is at around 08:00 and the sunset at 19:00 approximately.

You can check the average temperature on the official website of AEMET. This is the official website of the state meteorological agency, here you can find useful statistics on temperature and average rainfall.

Mallorca Holidays in October

October in Mallorca for local people is fast approaching Autumn time. The beaches are quiet, and whilst most of Europe is back at work or school, there are still tourists to be found in Mallorca. They are taking advantage of the bright days and mild temperatures.

There are many events at this time of year, but they are not the large scale fiestas of summer.

The Alcudia fair in October

The Fira D, Alcudia is celebrated in the old town of Alcudia on the first weekend of October. This Fair has an agricultural and commercial theme. Many local businesses take this opportunity to display their products. Government agencies also take part and display.

For those of us who enjoy our food, there are many gastronomic demonstrations from local restaurants. You can find many expositions of local delicacies. One of our favorites is the local dessert of ensaimada. Legend has it that the Moorish invaders introduced the sweetbread to Mallorca, as it is shaped like a turban. Another explanation is that one was presented to the catalán King Jaume 1st after his conquest of the island in 1229.

ensaimada Mallorca

There are many variations of this typical Mallorcan dessert. Some of our favorites include fillings of white chocolate and walnuts and on a savory note. You could also try a filling of the spicy sausage of sobresadda.

La Fira de Miel, Llubi

The month of October brings the annual honey fair in the village of Llubi, in the Es Raiguer zone of Mallorca. This little anthropod takes center stage for a unique celebration of the many types of honey. It is derived from a long summer of hard work, thanks to the local bees of this pretty Mallorcan village.

Honey made in Mallorca

Llubi has a long history of market gardening and its fertile soils have another crop that is well worth the journey to this little known Mallorcan village. The hardy caper plant is a mainstay of the Mallorcan housewife. Village of llubi has the unique conditions for the cultivation of this tasty Mediterranean bud. Capers are an essential ingredient in many Mallorcan dishes, the main one that springs to mind is Pa am boli.

pa amb oli

What to See and Do in Mallorca in October

There is plenty to see and do in Mallorca during the month of October. All the tourist attractions are open, but we still recommend booking in advance. In October the island is in slowdown mode, but there is still plenty of tourist activity.

Mallorca with children in October

Children in Mallorca

A common question is what is there to do with our children in the month of October? We are parents ourselves, so we understand the dilemma. At this time of year the older kids are back at school and there are many parents with preschool kids. Normally they are taking advantage of the value for money prices and end of summer sunshine. Not so high temperatures give more option to discover the island with the little ones.

Let’s go feed the animals

Animals in Mallorca

One of our firm favorites in the north of the island is rancho ses Roques. This is a family-run horse ranch and welcomes riders of all abilities. Of course, there is no way that you can bring a toddler on a horse. The idea is if mum likes to horse ride, there is a great mini-farm with all kinds of little animals for the kids to feed. Simply ask for a bag of barley at the bar and you can have a morning or afternoon of fun. The ranch is located at the end of the Pere mas y Reus Street in the Port of Alcudia.

For bigger kids we can recommend the amazing activity of pony riding. Something really cool, what they will remember from Mallorca. Especially if they try the horse riding for the first time. We encourage you to encourage your kids to try something new!

pony mallorca

Let’s go for a bike ride

Mallorca is renowned for its popularity in the cycling world. The excellent road network and smooth surfaces make it perfect for the avid pedaller. When there are families involved it steps down a couple of gears. Mostly for the obvious reason that it is always better not to go too far from base with children.

Family cycling on Mallorca

The north of Mallorca is perfect for short cycling excursions with your family. There are many bicycle hire companies and all have options to rent bikes with child seats or kids bike trailers.

The main thorough fares can be avoided by taking the many side roads and quieter streets. We recommend the area of a small sandy cove such as the playa de St. Pere. It is located on the outskirts of Alcudia’s old town. Great chillout place, where you can spend a few hours before saddling up for the return journey.

Spotlight on Palma – The capital of the Balearics

Tourist is taking pictures in Palma de Mallorca

Discover the gems of Palma

Mallorca’s awe-inspiring capital is a city steeped in history, culture and gastronomy to die for. Cathedral La Seu, the Almudaina Palace, and the Plaza Mayor are sites that are top of most visitors lists. The city of Palma has been inhabited by the Romans, Moors, and Berber pirates. King Jaume I who put an end to the Moorish reign in the Mediterranean island during the 13th century, was responsible for building some of the city’s most iconic constructions in Palma.

Old quarter is enclosed by 18th-century walls which were erected to repel pirates and corsairs. Travellers can discover many old churches, palaces and mansions with charming courtyards – there are over 40 dotted around the center of Palma.

If you would like to know more about history of Mallorca, we recommend our article below:

View of Bellver Castle in Palma de Mallorca

The most important historical facts about Mallorca

Mallorca has very eventful history, since prehistoric times through Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Medieval Kings conquests… In this article we focus on moments with high historical significance, which have brought the island to its present cultural shape.

Can Joan de S’Aigo

Browni in Mallorca Cafe

Founded in 1700, one of Palma’s oldest and most famous establishments, Can Joan de S’Aigo, is much more than just a chocolate shop. The city’s oldest café, it is also highly regarded for its cocas (local pastries). And, one of its many other claims to fame is that it is reputed to have been the first ice-cream making parlor in Mallorca. The ‘S’ago’ of the name means water.

When founded more than 300 years ago, its main business was the sale of freshwater and ice sourced from the Tramuntana Mountains. The ice was merely snow which was stored in pits inside snow houses made from dry stone. And it provided the means for Mallorca’s first ice-cream – almond milk mixed with ice. So good was it, that local doctors recommended its consumption for medicinal purposes. The ice acted as a natural painkiller, and the almonds provided energy. Almond ice-cream continues to be among the most popular flavors in Mallorca.

Visit La Lonja in Palma

As Palma’s port grew in importance in the late Middle Ages, there was the need for a proper market and trading house for merchants. La Lonja (Sa Llotja) met this need. Built between 1420 and 1452, its Gothic style drew on details of church design which inspired its Felanitx-born architect, Guillem Sagrera. He is remembered by the road that passes by La Lonja – the Passeig (or Paseo) Sagrera. Over the entrance to this grand building is a sculpture of the Guardian Angel, the original patron of Palma. There are many other artistic works close by, such as the statue of Ramon Llull.

Palma Town Hall and square

Palma Town Hall is more commonly referred to as ‘Cort’. In the Plaça Cort, in front of the town hall building, was once the offices and tribunals of various authorities with interests in Mallorca. These offices were ‘corts’. The square assumed a prominent position in Palma’s life during the Muslim era. It was enclosed by walls and, by the time of the 1229 conquest, it was the administrative, commercial, judicial and religious hub of the city.

Town Hall in Palma de mallorca

The first government of the new Kingdom of Mallorca was established at the Hospital de Sant Andreu, which is now the town hall library. In 1343, the hospital and the adjoining building – which had been for the Order of Saint George – became the location for the kingdom’s ‘jurist’, the medieval equivalent to today’s councilors. City´s town hall itself was known as the ‘Universitat’, a title it kept until the early eighteenth century when ‘Ayuntamiento’ (Ajuntament in Catalan) was adopted. The square ceased to be enclosed in 1921, the removal of the walls part of a process that had been ongoing for several years to open up the city and to introduce more light.

Famous in Mallorca: Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria

With all the turmoil in the world these days it is worth noting that Mallorca in October has much to offer the curious visitor at the quieter times of the year. Spain and Mallorca have been pioneers in tourism in the late twentieth century and right up to the present day. If we step back in time we can discover that the origins of tourism in this región came from the curiosity of visitors at the beginning of the last century and even the previous one.

Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria​ in Mallorca

One of Mallorca’s most famous visitors was the archduke Luis Salvador, born the 4th august 1847-12th October 1915. The archduke was maybe Mallorca’s greatest advocate, penning the 9 volume work Die Balearen. A study of all things on Mallorca from flora and fauna to the minute details of Mallorcan customs and life..

The archduke first visited Mallorca as the count of Neuendorf in 1867. And here began a love affair with all aspects of Mallorca, nature, its people, the crashing of the waves at his Tramuntana residence. You could say he was the inspiration for the millions of tourists to follow.

Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria

The archduke spent over 40 years of his life on the island of Mallorca and exploring the Mediterranean on his steam yachts Nixe and Nixe 2.

A visit to the Archduke’s residence and now the museum of Son Marroig can be enjoyed by appointment. You can experience the spectacular vistas and walk in the shoes of the illustrious son of Mallorca.

We hope you have found this article about Mallorca in October useful, and that it helps you to plan your travel to Mallorca. If you liked the article, please share it on your social networks so other travelers can see it. In case you have some extra suggestions for October in Mallorca, leave us your comment and we will add it to the article.

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