Mallorca (Majorca) in August – The Best Things to See and Do

Mallorca in August is one of our favorite months. It’s the main holiday time and there is a great buzz about it and other Balearic Islands. Local people are on holidays and the beaches are busy with families enjoying the sunshine and working on their suntans. The weather in Mallorca is such that everybody takes advantage of outdoor living, having barbecues (Torradas) and spending time with family and friends by the seaside. There is so much to see and do in the month of August in Mallorca, that its difficult to put it all in one place.

View of Cala Varques in Mallorca

The Mallorca weather in August is spectacular, with approximately 14 hours of sunshine the days are long and the nights are balmy. Temperatures are on average in the 30s with the mercury often hovering in the high 30s. 

Mallorca is very hot in August, and the highest temperature recorded in Palma de Mallorca airport was 40.2 degrees. As average the daytime temperature is 27 degrees, but at noon it can reach 34 degrees and at night time 21-24 degrees. Majorca in August is just perfect for the best summer holidays!

Mallorca in August has perfect beach weather, the sea temperature is perfect for relax and refresh, with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celcius.

In your suitcase to travel to Mallorca in August, you will need shorts, light trousers, T-shirts during the day. Don’t forget the beach stuff such as towel, bikini and sun cream, because Majorca beach will be for sure one of your daily destination. You can find many nice places for sunny day out around the island and also near capital Palma de Mallorca.

The Sunrise is at around 07:00 and the sunset at 20:30 approximately.

The best way to check the average temperature is to do it on  the official website of AEMET. This is the official website of the state meteorological agency, here you can find useful statistics on temperature and average rainfall.

Mallorca Holidays and Events in August

August is the main holiday time for Spanish people, many families use this time to unite and spend time together going to the beach to relax and have family time. There are many local fiestas and people use this time to meet friends and have a party. 

Decorations for one of the fiestas in Mallorca

With the summer heat comes the opportunity to have a party and enjoy the summer lifestyle that Mallorca is renowned for. Each Village or Pueblo has its fiesta during the month of August and to speak of them all here would not be possible. Suffice to say that each one has its curiosities and all have generous amounts of local gastronomy and liquid refreshment. Good to mention that local festivals in Mallorca are always full of colors, music, decorations and a lot of fun. If you are coming to Mallorca in August, we recommend to check all the possibilities of local festivals around you. Especially those with amazing fireworks shows!

Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos in Pollenca

This Annual fiesta commemorates the defeat of the Ottoman commander who on the night of 30-31 of may 1550 invaded the town of Pollenca.

The annual re-enactment of this famous Moors and Christians battle always begins in the Plaça de l’Almoina, although it is held on 2 August and not in May. Main reason is that 2 August is the feast day of Pollensa’s patron – the Mare de Déu dels Àngels. The hero of that battle, the local captain Joan Mas, begs the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God of the Angels, to come to the aid of the village folk. 

It is conceivable that events might have followed a different course. Dragut’s men landed in Formentor and marched in darkness to Pollensa. Some of them got lost. Had they not, then maybe the outcome would have been different.

The Fiesta takes place over several days although there are certain stages of the festivities. Its best advised to watch all from the fringes due to the amount of boisterous behavior and general enthusiasm.

It is one of the most recommended local festivals to join if you are planning your Majorca travel in August. 

Fiesta de Mare de Deu D´agost

The fiesta of the Virgin Mary of August is celebrated on the first weekend in August in Can Picafort. It is a town on the North East coast of Mallorca. For sure it is a highlight of the summer months and this local festival is mostly a family event. It is taking place over a full week with many attractions. To join are f.e. football matches and cultural evening events with traditional local dancing called Ball de Bot.

There is a Regatta that in days gone by locals would release ducks into the sea and then try to retrieve them. In recent years the live ducks have been replaced with little yellow plastic ones. For the young at heart, there is a flower power event with all welcome. The fire run or correfoc plays a central part in this fiesta. The streets are closed off and locals warned to close their shutters, garage their cars, and take in their washing lines just in case any stray sparks would damage their unlucky underpants. Demons can be seen running the streets with fire in hand, it’s a sight many a tourist will not have experienced before.


For those travellers who are staying near Palma and would like to participate in one of the events in north, we recommend to find earlier one of the Majorca hotels for just one or two nights. If you thinking about catching the taxi for your way back the same night, it can be difficult. Huge amount of people will not care that you need to come back whole way back to Palma de Mallorca. Or you always have… the beach 😉 – Majorca beach time is always a good idea 😉

What to See and Do in Mallorca in August

With over 14 hours of sunlight, there are many things to see and do in Mallorca in August. Every tourist attraction is open and its advisable to book your visits and plan in advance. Sea temperature is perfect for water activities; weather in Mallorca allows you to enjoy stunning and ones of the most beautiful views of Balearic Islands – Tramuntana Mountains; local festivals all around… All of those reasons scream… plan your Majorca travel in August! Check more details below:

Tourist attractions

A common question is what is there to do with our family in the month of August? In August in Mallorca, everything is open and busy. Visitors who come from northern Europe want to spend their time outdoors and enjoy the sunshine or sometimes families with young children will need to escape the sunshine and find some shade. Whatever the priority there is plenty to see and do.

You can focus on main attractions and theme parks, which are mostly located near Palma. Such as Katmandu Park, Marineland Mallorca, Aqualand. We recommend to not miss the visit in Cathedral La Seu, which is the most important building not only in Palma de Mallorca, but in all Balearic Islands.

Tourist is taking pictures in Palma de Mallorca

Boat trips

One of the top activities to do in August in Mallorca is a boat trip. There are many different options and the weather is perfect for this kind of activity. One of the most popular boat trips on the northern coast of Mallorca is a morning visit to Formentor. Great opportunity to go to the Majorca beach and take a dip in the crystal clear waters that are to be found there.

View of Formentor Beach in Mallorca

Many families choose to take a trip on a catamaran to have lunch and spend time sunbathing and kayaking. This activity can be enjoyed from the Port of Alcudia with several options departing from the port. Sailings are also available from the Port of Pollensa. These excursions also often pass by Formentor for a swimming stop and even to have lunch on board the boat.

In the article below you can find our experts recommendations of the best boat trips near Alcudia:

Family during the spotting on dolphin in Alcudia

The best boat trips near Alcudia

Selection of the best boat experiences in the north of Mallorca. Check, choose and hop on board!

For those of us who don’t mind getting up early on our holidays there are dawn escapades to see the sunrise and search for wild dolphins. Usually, the boats depart 30 minutes before sunrise and this can be as early as 06:00 some days during the summer.

Spotlight on local villages - The walled city of Alcudia

Mallorca is much more than sun and beaches… On our spotlight series we will try and give you a taste of what is to be discovered when you dig a little deeper and look into the heart of Mallorca. The walled city of Alcudia is to be found on the northeastern coast of Mallorca. It’s a popular holiday destination for local people and nationalities from all over Europe and further afield. 

Moors and Romans

The Muslims provided Alcudia with its name. Al-Qudia, The Hill, was part of the Muslim district of Bullansa, which also comprised what became Pollensa. The name of this district was a corruption of Pollentia, the Roman city. Following the Christian conquest of 1229, Bullansa was itself modified and the nearby village of Pollensa was founded.

Little is known of Alcudia during the Muslim era, which is understood to have started with the occupation from 902. Artifacts from those times have been discovered at the excavations of Pollentia. From the archaeological evidence, it would seem that by the end of the twelfth century Pollentia had been all but abandoned.

The Romans had called it Pollentia, the Powerful. The city’s development started some fifty years after the Romans arrived in 123BC. There were two ports – on the bay of Alcudia (the major port) and on the bay of Pollensa. The city was every bit as important as Palma; more so in fact. The Muslims took a different view. They defended Madina Mayurqa (Palma) and seemingly left Alcudia to its fate. 

Roman cosplay

Several centuries before, the Romans had started to abandon what had once been a flourishing city. The decay of Pollentia had set in by 250AD. Although it is commonly accepted that the Vandals were to occupy Mallorca from the middle of the fifth century, there were attacks by Germanic tribes from the third century. Reference is often made to a catastrophe of 280AD, but its impact has been exaggerated, as may have been the actions of the Vandals. It is possible that the Vandals were responsible for some rebuilding. 

Ciudad Romana

The excavations at Pollentia first started in the 1920s. The clearest examples of the ancient city are the Roman theatre, the Forum and Sa Portella, which was the main residential area. There may have been greater evidence of the remains had stones from the site not been used in the building of the walls between 1298 and 1362. 

Medieval walls

The walls were to serve Alcudia well during the civil war between 1521 and 1523 – the Revolt of the Brotherhoods (Germanies). Nobility loyal to the Spanish crown took refuge in Alcudia. The walls were, however, partially destroyed during that conflict. The subsequent restoration was inadequate, and by the end of the nineteenth century it was felt that little could be done. Eventually, though, a major restoration project was initiated at the end of the 1950s.

Medieval gate in Alcudia


  • Alcudia is officially a city. It was declared a city by King Carlos I, who was also the Holy Roman Emperor Carlos V, following the Germanies revolt. The distinction was because Alcudia had been “most faithful to the emperor”. The revolt was crushed mercilessly. There are seven cities in Mallorca. Palma de Mallorca was the first. The others are Felanitx, Inca, Llucmajor, Manacor and Soller. These were declared cities between 1886 and 1916.
  • One of the most famous Romans was Cornelius Atticus. A stone was discovered at the excavations in 1933. It paid homage to a revered sportsman from the third century. Atticus took part in pankration, a combat for which there were very few rules. There is a road in Alcudia named after him – the Via de Corneli Atic.
  • Alcudia played host to the first Japanese people ever to come to Mallorca. In 1585, four boys with the Tensho Embassy stopped off in Alcudia en route from Alicante to Rome. They had been instructed in Catholicism by Jesuit missionaries and had been brought to Europe as part of an exercise to impress upon the Japanese the glory of Christian religion. One of the four was martyred following a 1614 order for all Christians to leave Japan.

Beaches and walking

The weather in August is perfect for family days at the beach. Locals and tourists a like flock to the beaches to take advantage of the long summer days and bathe in the turquoise waters. A highlight of any visit to the Majorca beach is a visit to a local chringuito or beach bar. These establishments are usually located in high traffic locations on beaches and nearby. The advantage being they are usually only open in the summer months. They are strategically placed directly on the sand meaning you can enjoy your ice-cold beer whilst burying your feet in the sand. Yes, Mallorca in August is perfect for chillout at the beach!

One of the best beaches in Mallorca Cala Agulla

If you want to enjoy sunsine to the fullest and explore area of Alcudia, we recommend you have a look on article with experts recommendations for the best beach nearby: 

Hidden cove - Coll Baix

The best beaches near Alcudia

There are more than 200 beaches in Mallorca’s beautiful coastline. Our experts have prepared this article for you to help you choose the best beach near Alcudia and in the north area of the island of Mallorca...


  • A walk from the port of Alcudia towards the Playa de Muro can take approximately one hour and you will pass many chringuitos on the way. It can be even better to do this walk first thing in the morning and on your way back you can have your morning coffee.
  • Another pleasant walk is from the port of Alcudia towards the pebble beach of Alcanada. Passing the watchtower of Alcanada and taking the beach path. There are many small coves to take a dip and avoid the crowds.
  • For those of us a little more adventurous there is a walk that takes you from the port of Alcudia and passing the cave of St Marti (Often closed due to rockfalls). Then taking you across the main road and onto a dirt track and later an asphalted road to the Viewpoint of Puig de Son St Marti and here you will have the opportunity to get uninterrupted 360-degree views over the entire coastline and panorama of Mallorcan countryside.

We would highly recommend you to visit Mallorca in August. The fabulous weather combined with the holiday atmosphere makes for a perfect time to spend your Mallorca holidays.

Pier at Playa Muro in Mallorca

We hope you have found this article about Mallorca in August useful, and that it helps you to plan your travel to Mallorca. If you liked the article, please share it on your social networks so other travelers can see it. If you have some extra suggestions for August in Mallorca, leave us your comment and we will add it to the article.

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