Get the best prices on excursions in Mallorca

Get the best prices on excursions, tours and activities in the island of Mallorca and get the best out of your holiday.

Why pay more for excursions and tours when you can get the best value for money days out and maximum enjoyment on your holiday in the north of Mallorca? And who doesn’t want to save a few euros in the process?

With the current economic climate we never know what’s around the corner, so we have to make sure that we get the best deals possible. No Frills Excursions has a philosophy that good quality and service does not have to cost the earth.

We use our years of experience organising excursions on Mallorca to the best and popular attractions in the island to make sure that we include all the highlights and experiences and the best quality and service without damaging your pocket. We have the best and professional guides and we choose the best itineraries to ensure that we create unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Excursion prices mallorca comparison

We are a local company based in Port of Alcudia in the north of Mallorca, and this assures we deal directly with the suppliers. This gives us the opportunity to offer a better service and prices and to control better the whole process of the activities, tours and excursions.

We have a good relationship with our  suppliers who are hand picked by ourselves giving you the peace of mind that you are travelling with safe and reliable operators and that you always get what you pay for. All our suppliers have full insurance and health and safety documentation. We make sure you have plenty of options during your holiday from any resort. Our big experience enables us to offer a wide range of excursions, activities and tickets to different attractions.

For us, a good customer service begins when a client (families, couples, groups of friends) comes to one of our different shops located in different resorts located in the north area of Mallorca or when someone visits our website Our staff is always happy to help the clients with their recommendations or suggestions and their knowledge of the island of Mallorca. No less important are our guided tours and excursions.
Furthermore, we always like to have feedback from customers who have enjoyed our excursions with our professional guides and drivers.

Year after year, we have repeat customers who visit Mallorca and our Nofrills Excursions shops to book excursions such as the popular “Island tour with boat, tram and train” for the sixth time! We are very proud of it and we always try to give them something special such as a surprise during the excursion.

What are you waiting for to enjoy the best holidays of your life in Mallorca with Nofrills Excursions? You will not regret.

See for bellow yourself: we are very pleased to say that we come out very favourably on this website that compares prices of excursions in Mallorca.

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