Hidden Coves in Mallorca

In Mallorca we receive nearly nine million tourists a year and there are many things to do and to see on the island. We are local experts and, on this article, we want to share with you a list of hidden coves in Mallorca. All these coves are well worth a visit, and we have done a selection covering most of the coast of Mallorca.


What are the best coves in Mallorca?

In Mallorca you can find more than 300 coves and beaches, and Calo des Moro, Cala Varques, Formentor, Sa Calobra and es Trenc are amongst some of the most popular ones. Each person would have a different answer, and it is not a one-answer question, as it depends if you are looking a cove for families, a cove to go with your couple, if you want to walk or not…

One of the best beaches in Mallorca Es Trenc

For those wanting to do something different in Mallorca, and looking to visit a hidden cove that just locals know about it, we have prepared below a list of some hidden and isolated coves. There are many more so we encourage you to leave a comment at the end of the article and tell us what is your favorite hidden cove in Mallorca.

Selection of top hidden coves in Mallorca

Caleta des Capellans

This is a hidden gem situated close to another beautiful and recommended cove which is S’ Illot in the Alcudia area. It is very difficult to find unless you know it is there. In order to get to the cove, you need to go to S’ Illot area and park there, then walk to the left where the picnic area is, and you will find a narrow path that takes you down to the cove. You will find a superb intimate cove where to enjoy views of the bay of Pollensa and have a great time.

If you want to combine the visit with some sightseeing, don’t miss to drive up to La Victoria Chapel or to visit Alcudia old town with its medieval walls and the local market every Sunday and Tuesday.

Coll Baix

At No Frills Excursions we are locals and we are based in Alcudia, so we couldn’t miss out this cove.

Hidden cove - Coll Baix

Lost in the middle of nowhere, Coll Baix Beach is a jewel. Located close to the popular resort of Port de Alcudia, you can get there on a highly recommended walk from the outskirts of Alcudia, or you can drive pass the Ben Jakober Museum, to park where the road ends and to walk down to the cove. Please be careful on the last part of the path once you get to the bottom as, due to the waves and storms, the path is unclear and a bit difficult. For the lazy ones, there is a glass bottom boat trip from Port Alcudia to the cove, with a 20 minutes swimming stop at Es Coll Baix.

Es Coll Baix is a pebble cove, 200 meters long, 30 meters wide. On a clear day, the colour of the water here is spectacular. Perhaps not ideal with kids as it goes deep immediately, plus it is not a sandy cove.

Cala Matzoc

This is one of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the Llevant Nature Park. Its name come from the presence of a watchtower in the area, the Matzoc watchtower. During the Medieval times, there was a presence of pirates in this area of the Mediterranean. A defensive system to alert the inhabitants of Mallorca was put in place, so they could know about the arrival of a pirate ship. Many watchtowers were built around the coast of Mallorca, which were communicating to each other with fire signals (at night time) and smoke signals (at day time). It was a ring defensive system connected to the main watchtower in Palma and to some inland observation points. So if you visit this cove, do not miss a short 8 minutes’ walk to the watchtower, climb up to the top and enjoy the views.

Tower near Cala Matzoc in Mallorca

To get to this beach will not be easy, as you need to drive to Arta, then towards Capdepera and follow the signs to Cala Torta – Cala Mitjana. Park close to Cala Mitjana, and then follow the coast to the left to get to Cala Matzoc.

Cala Petita

The name of this cove translated into English means “small cove”. The closest resort is Porto Cristo, and you can park there on Avinguda Cala Petita to follow a one-kilometer path to get to this gem of a hidden cove. The cove is just 50 meters wide and 20 meters long.

Hidden Cove in Mallorca named Cala Petita

Following the coast, you will find an inlet just before you arrive, which is known as the “horseshoe” because of its shape. The origin of the cove’s shape probably comes from the collapse of a karstic cavity; a natural cave formed by the erosion of the limestone rock. This cave would have been open to the sea and, over time, collapsed forming a new cove on the island’s coastline. You’ll find other examples of the same cove formations along this stretch of coast, where the forms could be likened to the evolution of a gruyere cheese.

Cala Murta

We are local experts on tours and excursions in Mallorca. One of the most popular tours is to the Caves if Drach that are considered to be one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. Hardly anybody knows that near its entrance you find a hidden cove, called Cala Murta. It is a tiny cove, and in fact it has hardly any space to put your towel unless you put it on the rocks. Its beauty is in the sea, with crystal water, perfect for snorkeling and to relax before or after visiting the Caves.

Cala Murta in Porto Cristo

You can get to Cala Murta following a small path behind the Caves of Drach entrance, or park at the end of Street Fitora and follow a path that starts between the houses 18 and 21.

Cala Pilota

Another isolated and secluded cove whose name “Pilota” means “balls”, probably making reference to the small balls of Posidonia seaweed that you find by the beach. We have selected this cove but in the area from Cala Antena to Estany de Mas / Cala Mandia, you can find so many amazing coves. The area has no constructions, opposed to the nearby resorts, and it is a protected area and most of it belongs to a private hunting state. This is the reason why you will not find cars or roads here, so walking would be needed but then you will be rewarded by an outstanding cove. Next to Cala Pilota you also find Cala Magraner and Cala Virgili, both well worth a visit.

View of Cala Magraner in Mallorca
Cala Magraner

Calo des Borgit

For those looking for a hidden cove in Mallorca but without wanting to walk long distances, this is a good choice. Despite being situated close to one of the best beaches in Mallorca, Cala Mondrago, Calo des Borgit still remains peaceful and we don’t find any hotels or restaurants there, just a magnificent property on the left-hand side. This is a small, beautiful cove surrounded by some small cliffs and pine trees.

It is easy to reach and you can park 200 meters away from the beach. You could combine a stop at this cove with a car route in the surroundings as there is much to discover: the village of Santanyi, Porto Colom or a walk in the Mondrago nature area.

Calo des Marmols

What a hidden gem! A place that hasn’t changed for years. It is not easy to get there, either walking or cycling, but it is worth it. The walk to Calo des Marmols starts at the Cap de Ses Salines lighthouse. We will border the coast with impressive views of the coast and the Mediterranean Sea. You can also admire from here the coastline of Cabrera Island. After six kilometers, you will reach the cove. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water.

Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is the most famous hidden cove in Formentor area.

Cala Figuera in Formentor

Formentor is one of the most visited places in Mallorca, and is normally firmly on the tourist route, as it is renowned as one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Mallorca. But if you are looking for secluded, hidden coves in Mallorca, then we recommend that you to head to Cala Figuera. This is a pebble beach with magnificent views. You can park at the top of the beach and then just walk down. At the beach you will see a small house, located on the left-hand side. This is an “escar” a remain from old times economy in places like this. The small house was used for the fishermen living in this area and it was used to keep their boats.

If you have extra time, there is also nearby Cala Murta which is easy to reach by a short walk and with a picnic area.

Cala Egos

This is one of the most beautiful coves in Andratx, so don’t confuse it with the tourist resort near Cala Dor. It is a reward to find this cove after one is visited Port de Andratx, with all its constructions. In fact, as a matter of curiosity, there were plans to build here luxurious constructions. Forget to get there by car, the best option is walking or by bike. The cove is about 150 meters long, crystal water and pebbles.

El Rei

In the area of Portals Vells there are four small coves. We have selected this one as it is the quietest cove. The coves nearby (El Mago, Portals Vells and Caleta de Portals Vells) are always busier. The cove is only 30 meters long and 12 meters wide, and there is plenty of shade from the surrounding pine trees. It ideal for a bath and to relax in the water, because it is not very deep (100 meters away from the seaside is only 2-meter-deep) and it is protected from the waves. It is the only cove we recommend on this list of the hidden beaches in Mallorca that has a beach bar and sunbeds. At the beach bar you can get cold drinks and snacks. If you want a meal, it is better to walk to one of the nearby beaches where there is a wider offer for meals.

View of Caló dels Reis in Mallorca

Calo de Ses Llises

This hidden cove shows perfectly that even very close to big tourist resorts, you can find some great coves in Mallorca. Tucked away on the road that connects Peguera and Cala Fornells, this is a cove ideal for couples to relax and enjoy the water. The beach is only 30 meters long, a pebble beach with no facilities. Surrounded by cliffs and pine trees, the cove has a really nice atmosphere accompanied by crystal water. The sea here is always calm.

Calo de Ses Llises in Mallorca

Cala Tuent

The Tramuntana mountain area is our next destination for one of the most hidden coves in Mallorca. Located close to one of the main tourist attractions in Mallorca, Sa Calobra, we find this pebble cove. On our list of best hidden coves in Mallorca is probably one of the longest with 170 meters. There is a restaurant nearby where they do delicious paellas and other Mallorcan local dishes.

Cala Tuent in Tramuntana Mountains Area

There is a good road to get there though but can be a long way depending where you are coming from, as this is a drive through the mountains. The easiest is to head to Inca, then to Lluc and then to Sa Calobra. Just before to get to Sa Calobra watch out for a road on the left-hand side that will take you up to the Sant Llorens Chapel. Do a detour there to admire the views of Cala Tuent and even if you fancy to walk up to see a watchtower. From the chapel to Cala Tuent is just a short 10 minutes’ drive.

Hope you enjoyed our selection of hidden coves in Mallorca and get inspired to plan amazing day out on the island. If you know any cove you think should also be listed here, just leave us the info in the comment.

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