15 best day trips from Alcudia

Alcudia is a perfect place to spend your holidays… solo, with group of friends, with family and kids. This is also our home base with few offices around. In our offer you can find many ideas how to organize your time in Mallorca with different tours and activities. In this article our local experts prepared for you the list of the best day trips from Alcudia. You can find our TOP3 in every category below: bus tours, boat trips, water parks, theme parks and Alcudia tours. Enjoy!

View for the boat in Sa Calobra - TOP of Mallorca on Instagram Spots

There is no better option to see the island as from crossing through it by bus or car. In our offer you can find many bus tours to different destinations around Mallorca. All of them are a guided tours with the assistance of the local official guide. Worth to mention that the pick-up point is in front of your hotel or the point very nearby, so no worries of not finding the spot. On our bus tours you always have the guaranteed seat, not like in public transport, when you have to almost fight for it – especially in summer season. Our TOP 3 day trips in this category are:

The fullest experience of Mallorca in one day. This unique tour combines a bus ride, boat trip, tram and train route. Bus tour goes through the amazing Tramuntana Mountains range, also including famous Sa Calobra road! We stop on the viewpoint to give you the chance to capture beautiful sea and mountain views. In Sa Calobra you get the free time for a short walk with possibility to visit the beach and the end of the Torrent de Pareis. If you would like to check the part of this experience, we recommend our online tour guide through Sa Calobra:

View of Sa Calobra road

Sa Calobra Tour Guide

La Calobra is one of the most visited places in Mallorca, located in the Sierra de Tramuntana, in the municipality of Escorca. In this guide to visit La Calobra, we want to share a lot of practical information and curiosities about it...

From the Port of Sa Calobra you will enjoy the boat trip to Puerto de Soller. This part is also very enjoyable and with fantastic views of the Mallorca coast. During the route you can try local sangria, take incredible photos and enjoy the sunshine.

View of Port Sa calobra from the boat

In the next part of the day you have the opportunity to stroll around Port de Soller. It is a lunch time, so really worth to step by to one of the local restaurants to try some specialities. You can also enjoy this time at the beach, go shopping f.e. for famous and very good quality olive oil. It is very good idea for souvenir from Mallorca and bringing local taste to your kitchen. If you would like to prepare some traditional Mallorcan meals at home, please check the tutorials below:

Typical Mallorcan food - Paella

Mallorcan Food Virtual Cooking Tutorials

Mallorcan food virtual cooking tutorials is the article for all cooking fans and also the beginners. Try to find joy in family cooking and prepare with us some of the great and yummy Mallorcan dishes!

Tram in Puerto Soller - top of Mallorca on Instagram spots

To your next destination of the tour – Soller – we will take you with the historic tram. The route goes through the beautiful orange trees plantations. It very nice and enjoyable experience. After a short break in Soller, where you can go for a walk f.e. to the beautiful church Iglesia de Sant Bartomeu. We really recommend to visit it, while you are in Soller.

Facade of Church in Soller, where Canto de la Sibila is performed
The last but not least part of the tour is when you hop on to the famous vintage Train de Soller, which will take you to the station near Palma. The route goes through the mountains, tunels, woods and all with beautiful views of valley of Soller.
View from the famous Train de Soller

For the shortcut of this incredible experience we invite you to have a look on our spot:

View of the route inside of Caves of Drach

Caves of Drach is the place, which you can not miss during your holidays in Mallorca. They are located in Porto Cristo, east area of Mallorca. Visiting wide range of chambers filled with little lakes, stalagmites, stalactites is very unique experience. In the price of the tour also a boat trip on the Lake Martel is included (optional). Lake Martel is one of the biggest underground lakes in the world, nothing can compare to this ride! During the boat trip you have the chance to enjoy classical music concert. 

Convert in Caves of Drach

You will find two options how to visit the Caves of Drach in our offer. We have the half day tour option and full day tour combined with the visit in Sineu Market. The highlights of the tours you can enjoy in our spot:

If you would like to know more about this spectacular place, we recommend our experts article below:

Nofrills guide with happy clients in Caves of Drach

Curious facts about the Caves of Drach

No trip to Mallorca is complete if you have not visited the Caves of Drach. This article is perfect for those who want to know all their history and for those who want to discover all the secrets...

This is one of ours ¨Only with us¨ excursions serie. What it means? It means that it is our unique project and tour only operated by No Frills Excursions. You will not find it in other places. On the Hidden Corners tour you have the opportunity to visit off the-beaten-track villages and markets that other companies do not know. All thanks to cooperation with the best local experts in Mallorca.

The first stop of the tour is in beautiful town of Arta. Here you have a free time to enjoy the local market, stroll around and have lunch in one of local restaurants.

View od Arta town

On the next part of the tour you will visit a traditional manor house in the Mallorcan countryside – Els Calderers. The house was restored and is functioning now as a local museum. You can see how the Mallorcan daily life looked like before. 

Els Calderes inside

The last spot of the trip is aloe vera farm. Here you can enjoy the walk through the plantations and of course make a little shopping of great quality aloe vera products.

aloe vera plant

Boat trips from Alcudia

Must to do! You can not leave Mallorca without enjoying one of the boat trips! There are plenty of options to choose in Alcudia, depends on your interest in activities, time, boat size and kind. In our TOP 3 excursions we can recommed:

Anacaona Catamaran is the best catamaran on the island. During the excursion which lasts for 5 hours you can enjoy beautiful views of the north coast of Mallorca. You cross through both Bays: Alcudia and Pollensa. In the itinerary you can find swimming stops, lunch, and equipment for snorkelling and kayaking. It is very popular tour during the summer season, so it is better to book it in advance. A lot of fun and sunshine guaranteed!

Anacaona Catamaran in Alcudia Bay

This tour has it all what you can dream about… Gorgeous views of the Mallorca north coast with area of Llevant Nature Park and breathtaking cliffs around… Time to snorkel and admire unique Mediterranean Sea life… Free time for bath in the spectacular blue water caves. This is a perfect tour for all who don´t like big boats and want to take your children for a shorter excursions. This experience lasts for around 3 hours, no meals included, but small bar with snacks is available on the boat. Snorkel equipment is provided on the boat and free of charge.

Swimming in the sea cave in Mallorca

Formentor Tour

This boat trip lasts for around 4 hours and give you a chance to admire one of the most beautiful parts of Mallorca – Cap Formentor. It is a good option for family trip. On this route the company use glassbottom boat, what could be a lot of fun for children, and not only. You will also find a snack bar on the boat. It is very good value for money tour. For those who are not a fans of watching fishes, the upper deck will great, full of sunshine and great views. 

Boat Trip around Cap Formentor

For those of you who would like to join more boat or catamaran tours in Alcudia, our experts prepared this special article:

Alcudia Speed Boat

8 Best Boat Trips in Alcudia

In this article our island experts prepare the information about 8 best sea trips and their activities. Catamaran? Glass bottom? Traditional Mallorcan boat? Your choice to make...

Theme Parks day trips

Theme Parks are for sure one of the most tourist attracions in Mallorca. You can choose between few of them, and we can confirm that everybody will find something interesting. All of them are located on the south part of the island near or in Palma de Mallorca. In our excursions we provide the transfers with air-conditioned buses, guide with a lot of knowledge and the highest level of the tour quality. Very useful to know, that we start our tours to the theme parks after breakfast, so you will have enough time to not rush the morning. Here our TOP 3 theme parks day trips:

Dolphin Show Arena in Marineland Mallorca

Marineland is one of the most fascinating places around. Variety of the animals, which you can see there is huge… even penguins! It also world famous, because of its dolphin and sea lions show. Very unique and entertaining experience for whole family or group of friends. Important to know: price of our excursion to Marineland includes VIP entrance to the two dolphin shows. In the park you will find also the children playground and very good restaurant, with amazing sea view. It is one of the best day trips from Alcudia.

View from restaurant in Marineland

Before you go there, we recommend to have a look on our special Marineland Visiting Guide, so you´ll be sure not to miss anything.

Dolphin show in Marineland

Marineland Visiting Guide

Marineland Mallorca is one of the Mallorca’s best known tourist attractions. Check all the necessary information to plan your visit...

Clown fish in Palma Aquarium in Mallorca

Palma Aquarium is one of the best places to spend a day in Mallorca. Full of amazing species from around the world and with the inside jungle! Great option for a day trip with your children. You will find many activities around, photos with parrots, face painting, turtle show and one of the best.. sharks feeding! Prepare yourself for a lot of new experiences and knowledge. Around the whole Aquarium area you can meet the guides, who would love to share many curiosities with you. In Palma Aquarium building several restaurants are located so no need to go out if you want to spend the whole day there. 

Shark feeding in Palma Aquarium

If you are interested in more information how to prepare your perfect Palma Aquarium experience, have a look on our guide:

Nemo Fish in Aquarium

Palma Aquarium Visiting Guide

Palma Aquarium is one of the best tourist attractions in Mallorca and is open all year. In this guide we would like to share a lot of important information, so you can plan your amazing visit.

Fun park in 100%! Want to meet zombies, be a cowboy, play golf, have a walk up side down, swim in disney water park or watch 4D movies? This place is perfect for you! You will not regret this day trip. Great place to spend time with your friends and none of you will not have a minute to be bored. There are several snack bars available inside the park, and we also offer the all-inclusive packages. Wish you fun!

Golf in Katmandu Park Mallorca

Water Parks

Can you imagine the best place to spend a hot summer day than in the water park? In Mallorca you can find three water park, one in the north and two near Palma. All of them have their unique style and facilities, great for crazy fun with family and friends. Have a look:


Hidropark is the only water park located in the north of Mallorca – Puerto Alcudia. In our offer you can find the tickets with discount. Thanks to purchase before going to the park you do not have to wait in the long line on the entrance. All tickets and information you can also find in our local shops, where our staff is ready to help you with all. 

In Hidropark you will find several parts, crazy slides with nice view over the port, children area, restaurants and small golf facilities as well. If you are staying in Alcudia or the area you can enjoy the nice walk to the park.

View for the Hidropark in Puerto Alcudia

Our excursions to Aqualand gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy the summer day on many adrenaline slides, thrill attractions and big pools. But for those looking for a chillout part, you will not be dissaponted with the sauna and jacuzzi facilities. Aqualand is the biggest and the most popular water park on the island. If you would like to visit it with us we recommend to book it in advance. Our entrance tickets includes the VIP entrance so no need to wait in the line to enter this amazing place. Special info: by booking it for two adults, you get the one sun bad free of charge. For sure day full of fun, laugh, and positive vibes, if you choose this water park among other day trips from Alcudia.

Aqualand in Mallorca

Excursion to Western Water Park is one of our ¨Only with us¨ day trips  from Alcudia. The second biggest water park on the island located also near Palma, so approx. 1 hour drive from Alcudia, depends on traffic. Wester Water Park is a home to Mallorca’s highest kamikaze water slide: The Beast, and many other fast water slides. You will find here facilities for everyone, but we think is the best water park for families in Mallorca.

Special info: by booking is for two adults you get the one sun bad free of charge.

Water slide in western water park

If you would like to get more information about those great places, check our special article:

aqualand arenal

Water Parks in Mallorca

Thanks to the exceptional climate we have in Mallorca, water parks are an excellent plan to spend your summer day . Check all the information you need to organize your best experience here..

Day trips to explore Alcudia

If you want to spend a day in Alcudia old town and area, we also have a few options for you:

This is the best option of day trips for all who would like to visit Alcudia and Puerto Alcudia area as fast as possible. Open top bus sightseeing is very convenient and nice option especially for children, so no long walks needed. This is a guided tour with several stops near the most important touristic and historic places around. Important: it is not a hop on hop off bus! You need to reserve the place before. Very enjoyable experience to spend you late morning or afternoon and see the best spots in Alcudia.

Sightseeing bus in Alcudia

The last from our recommended day trips from Alcudia is the new trip coming in season 2020. During this Alcudia tour you have the chance to stroll around the local market, old town and enjoy the walk on the coast with local guide. The part of the coast walk includes also a small picnic with local products. Approx. time of the whole tour is 4 hours and the route has approx. 5 km. On the way back you cross near few nice small beaches, so you can take your towels and stay in the area.

View of Pollensa Bay

Hope you found our article useful and will be able to plan you best tours from Alcudia during your holidays. Please share it using social media and with travellers, who could need those information. Have you been on some of those day trips with us already? Leave a comment below!

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