3 Mallorca Bodegas and Wineries near Alcudia

Wine culture in Mallorca is growing from generation to generation and is incredible. You can find big wineries and many small family businesses, each with extraordinary range of wines to choose. Thanks to our local experts in this article you get the opportunity to visit the best 3 Mallorca Bodegas near Alcudia.

Experience Mallorcan Wine Culture

Mallorca Bodega Galmés Ribot in Santa Margalida

mallorca bodegas - galmes ribot

Galmés i Ribot is a family winery, a third generation of winegrowers located in Santa Margalida in the east of the island of Mallorca. They cultivate 13 hectares of vineyards, 5 hectares of almond and two of native cereals and a small production of honey. Everything follows the principles of organic farming  (in fact they are registered with the CBPAE since 2010). More than half of production is made up of native varieties: callet, fogoneu, prensal blanc, giró ros, escursac

From which they make fine honest wines capable of expressing the territory where they come from.

They offer a wide range of wines: the Margalida white wine, Margalida red wine, Margalida rose wine, Petit som white wine, Petit Som red wine, Som white wine and Som negre red wine.

White and red wine from Mallorca

Wine Recommendations

If they had to recommend only one wine, they recommend Som red wine. It is made with a base of the merlot variety mixed with the local varieties callet and fogoneu. This is a very fresh and elegant medium-structure wine capable of pairing with local dishes such as bread with sobrasada, tumbet, mallorcan frito…

Tasting & Tours

If you want to visit the bodega, they organize visits on demand adapting to the customers. From a tour with tasting to a tour with tasting and snacks combined with a vineyards walk.

Mallorca Wineries: Bodegas Mortitx

mallorca bodega mortitx

In 2000 a group of friends from Pollença and Puerto Pollença got together to return to Majorcan hands the property of the estate called Mortitx. Until then it had been cultivated with fruit trees such as Kiwis, Avocados, Cherry trees, etc. In 2001 a winery and vine planting project were launched, and in 2004 it gave its first vintage. The first plantations were varieties such as Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay or Malvasía. Over the years Mortitx Bodega has been improving the vines and wines and more local varieties such as Callet or Giró Ros have been incorporated.

Currently 90,000 bottles are produced per year. All the grapes collected for the production of their wines come from their own plots in the Mortitx estate.

Their work philosophy is very respectful with the environment and all the work is done by hand except tilling the land that is done in a mechanized tractor.

View of the vineyard in Mallorca

Mortitx Bodega has 4 different types of wine: White, Rosé, Red and Sweet. They have the year vintage in white, red, rose, red and pale pink (Flares de Mortitx). In the range of wines with oak aging they offer: L’ERGULL 2017 (WHITE), RODAL PLA 2017 (RED), L’U BLANC 2016 (WHITE), L’U NEGRE 2017 (RED) and MONJOIA 2015 (RED). And in sweet wine there is the DOLÇ DE GEL 2017

Wine Recommendations

We asked Bodegas Mortitx to recommend us a wine. Their selection is L’U BLACK 2017 as a representative wine of the winery and already considered an icon for them. It is a wine with a Mediterranean character, long and with volume, without neglecting the elegance and with freshness, being a wine to enjoy. You will find notes of blackberries, spices, black pepper and somewhat mineral. Made with Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and aged for 16 months in French oak barrels.

Tasting & Tours

They offer different types of visits, with prices from 15€ up.

  • Tour and tasting of 3 wines with mallorcan olives and cookies
  • Tour and tasting of 5 wines with mallorcan snacks
  • Tour and tasting of 8 wines with lunch

Bodegas Conde Suyrot

bodegas conde suyrot

When Conde Fabice de Suyrot bought his finca in the Colonia de Sant Pere and settled there, word quickly spread among the villagers that he had run a winery in France. The Conde was proudly told about the wine tradition of the area and the special terroir. At that time there were almost no vineyards in Colonia de Sant Pere. The Conde listened with interest and decided to revive the history of wine in this extraordinary and forgotten “terroir” of Colonia Sant Pere. He began with the first vine plantings in his garden. The wine was made in his cellar and tasted in his kitchen.

The first 400 litres were produced and in 2012, with ES MUSSOL, SA LLEBRE and SA TORTUGA, the company ventured into the market. The rosé wine ES CAP ROIG was added later.

The success was not long in coming and soon the wines of the bodega could be found in the best restaurants and hotels of the island. Today the production is 13.000 – 15.000 bottles and the winery has been moved to an old horse stable. Over 90% of the wines are drunk on Mallorca itself. Since 2018 the winery has a winery shop and organises guided tours, tastings and events. Guests can choose from a variety of visit options and then, over a glass of wine, enjoy the view over the bay of Alcudia to Cap Formentor.  The winery is still very familiar and personal. The Conde himself works in the vineyards and is responsible for the production of the wine.

 “Wine is not made with mathematics, but with experience, passion, feeling and heart”

(Count Fabricede Suyrot)

The wines from the bodega:

Mallorca Wine Culture

  • SA TORTUGA (The turtle). Produced with Callet, monastrell and gorgollasa with 8 months in French oak barrel. When Count Fabrice de Suyrotplanted the first vines, he found some beautiful Mediterranean turtles. They were moved to the Llevant Nature Park. As a tribute to this protected species, he decided to name his first wine “Sa Tortuga”.

  • Sa Llebre is produced with Manto negro and Cabernet Sauvignon, and aged 12-18 months in French oak barrel. After the first wine had been baptized with the name of an animal species living in the surrounding area, it was quickly decided to apply the same criteria to the naming of the other wines. This is how “Sa Llebre” was born, whose presence in the area undoubtedly deserved a wine to drink. Especially when it is possible to keep “Sa Llebre” away from the vineyards they love so much…

  • Es Mussol (The little owl) is produced with Malvasia and aged 8 months. The animal species that inspires this aromatic white wine and gives it its name delights us every night with its song and breaks the silence that reigns in these vineyards.

  • Es Cap Roig is a rose wine produced with manto negro and caubernet sauvignon that is aged 6 months on lees in stainless steel. While the other wines represent animal species that live on land and in the air, the fourth wine is associated with the sea. The Cap Roig was undoubtedly the most suitable option for this wine. Not only because of the fresh orange of this wine, but also because there is no fish in the area with more personality! Just like the wine.

Wine Recommendations

ES MUSSOL is a very special wine. The local grape variety Malvasia in combination with the special terroir of the Colonia de Sant Pere, only 500 meters from the sea and matured in 400 ltr. barrels of French oak. The result is a complex and aromatic wine, which harmonizes extremely well with different dishes of the mediterrenean diet. The acidity is present and gives the wine a pleasant freshness. The wood is nicely integrated without being obtrusive. A wine to be enjoyed and not so easily forgotten.

Tasting & Tours

Visits to the bodega are available. The visit begins with an explication of the Mallorcan wine culture and some background information on the Bodega Conde de SUYROT. After this general information you enter the winery and you will learn the winemaking process. The tour ends with a wine tasting on the terrace.  The price is 10 euros and it includes guided tour, free walk through the vineyards, tasting of 3 wines, water and crackers.

  • Winter (1/11 – 31/03) Monday – Friday: 10 – 17 h
  • Summer (1/04 – 31/10):  Monday – Wednesday; Friday: 10 – 17 h  and Thursday: 10 – 13 h & 18 – 21.30 h
  • Saturday and Sunday: closed

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Hope you enjoyed our article and on you next holidays will discover wine culture in Alcudia. If you have any questions or want to share your bodega experince, feel welcome to leave a comment below.

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