Mallorca Food: some things to eat in Mallorca that are a must.

Who doesnt love food? If you travel to Mallorca, you really have to try some of our local products to have a full inmersive experience and to feel like a local. Therefore, we have selected a list of some of the Mallorca food products you should not miss. Check out our new article and discover some of the best food products in Majorca!

Mallorca Food: Almonds

Firstly we will explain you the almond. It is a traditional Balearic product of Mallorca food. The nut is crunchy, with a smooth, very pleasant flavour is a little on the sweet side, it is only, not at all acidic. It is very aromatic when in a raw state. The almonds have a higher percentage of proteins and they are the main ingredient in many recipes.

mallorcan almond

Gató / “Almond Cake”

Gató is an almond cake. Formerly, it was a traditional dessert and an essential item for any family gathering and continues to be so today, with ice cream. The cake is circular and has a strong taste of almonds, which, together with eggs and sugar, are the main ingredients.

mallorca food

Mallorca drinks: Spririts

Nowadays, there exist a thriving industry on the Balearic Islands based on the production of spirit based drinks. Locals and visitors appreciate these products, because “Herbes” and “palo” are an intrinsic part of our festivities, habits and traditions in Mallorca.


Majorcan farmers produced herbes on their own farms thanks too the numerous stills that existed on the islands (in the mid to late 18th century) with the necessary aniseed based drink.

Herbes is a group of aniseed based spirits containing extracts of various plants with varying levels of sweetness. Normally they tend to have green colour due to the chlorophyll extracts, with hints of yellow and amber.

hierbas mallorca


This drinks has a strong tradition in Mallorca. Palo is as an alcoholic obtained from the maceration and infusion of cinchona bark, and gentian root, with sugar, caramelised sucrose, and ethyl alcohol.

palo from mallorca

We drink Palo as an aperitif on its own or with ice, lemon and a splach of gin in a tall glass.


The ensaimada is a round pastry made of dough wound in a spiral shape. The main ingredients are flour, sugar yeast, eggs and lard, and which melts in the mouth.

ensaimada Mallorca

Undoubtetly pastry is the most representative of Majorca and the most famous. It is possible that the original ensaimadas were plain without any type of filling, but subsequently we have a multitude of varities: with pumpkin jam, with slices of sobrassada and pumpkin, with chocolate, etc. If you want to see how to make homemade ensaimadas click here.


The fig tree may have come from west Asia, where they grow wild in certain areas of southern Arabia. From here, by means of the Neged, it extended through Syria and spread throughout the Mediterranian.

mallorca food

Dried figs

The fig tree had a great importance at the beginning of the 20th century, because one third of the tons produced were dried and exported. Dried figs are a traditional Balearic product.

The main aim of drying figs is to prolong their life by reducing the activity of water, while they maintaining their nutritional value. This process involves drying the figs in the sun with a serie of pre and post treatments.

Mallorcan Cheese

Majorcan cheese is made from sheep’s milk and is rich in vitamins as fresh milk and has a relatively high iron content compared to other cheeses. The varieties are fresh, semi-cured and cured.

cheese of Mallorca


Mallorca Food: Galletes d’Oli

This type of biscuit probably already existed in the Medieval period.

Galetes d’ Inca (Biscuits of Inca) is the name of these biscuits, because it is the place which produces the most. However, there are many bakeries in Mallorca that produce these biscuits by hand.

mallorca products

The principal ingredients are flour, oil, yeast, and salt. They are oval shaped with a small indentation in the centre. The size varies. They last a long time, because they are hard, very friable and inflexible. Ideal as a base for cheese or pate, because these biscuits do not mask the taste of these products.

Olive oil:

Olives and olive oil are very important ingredients on the Balearic diet. Olive oil is basic Mediterranean ingredients and its delicate, fragant aroma makes it appreciated all over the world.

Pa amb oli / Bread with olive oil:

With olive oil we do “Pa amb Oli“, one of the most typical mallorca food. Pa amb oli means “bread with olive oil” in Majorcan. We usually add the tomato to the bread and then the olive oil and salt.

pa amb oli

We serve it as breakfast, as a snack at any time, or as an accompaniment to lunch or dinnerand it is embellished with a topping of jamón serrano, anchovies, or cheese.

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The sobrassada is a cured pork sausage and it is one of the most distinctive products of Majorca cuisinee. It is one of the most popular products between Mallorca food.

The climatic conditions, the temperatue and humidity favour the traditional conservation method. There are many recipes in Mallorca with sobrassada, but you can also try this flavour only with a piece of bread.


Salad Tomatoes / “Ramellet” Tomatoes

Lastly, we have the tomato. In Mallorca we have a variety of tomatoes wich is “ramellet tomatoes“. These tomatoes are small and their skin is thick and resistant. They are very appropiate for cooking or rubbing on bread, for “Pa amb Oli”.

In days gone by, the tomatoes hung from olive branches that keep the tomatoes near the roof in order to distance them from the dampness of the floor. Currently, almost all tomatoes hung from the roof or from olive branches. The task of hanging is simple, but requires much practise.

tomatoes mallorca

These are some of the top products of Mallorca food. On your next holiday in Mallorca do not hesitate to try them! We assure you you will enjoy it!


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