Mallorcan almonds growing in UK

Today we have received an email from Richard with this title: “Photo for Juan” and attaching a photo of a pot with a growing almond. Do you want to know the story behind?

Juan is one of our guides, and he does many excursions every week: Island tour, Caves, Soller+Lluc… as all the members of our staff, he is passionate about the island, and he likes to speak about almond trees, and he always have almond seeds with him.

It is quite common that we have on our excursions clients who love gardening, and to have Juan with them is a great chance for getting some almond seeds. This is what hapenned last year when Petra and Richard came with us on the excursion A day in Lluc and Soller. Back home, they planted the seeds and this is the actual result:

As you see the mallorcan almond tree is starting to grow, and we really hope that in the future Richard and Petra have the opportunity to have some beautiful and tasty almond trees.


We love that our clients send us emails like this, and therefore we wanted to share it with all of you today on our blog and on our facebook page.
Special thanks to Richard and Petra for sending us a beautiful email and photos, and also to Joan for being such a fantastic guide.



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