Caves of Drach. The best photos.

The Caves of Drach is a famous and beautiful place located in Porto Cristo in the east area of Mallorca. It is also one of the most popular highlights to visit on the island. In this post we share the best locations to take photos of Caves of Drach and many information to inspire you to explore this place. We also wait, that you share your memories with us.

inside of caves of drach


Photos take us back to the places and moments. They are the best way to keep beautiful memories alive and come back to them anytime we want to. Pictures from holidays are very important and there is no better souvenir to bring with you, to share with family and friends. There is also many beautiful places in Mallorca, which you can choose for your instagram/facebook spot. In this post you can check the best places where to take a picture in Caves of Drach.

Places to take a picture in Caves of Drach

Caves of Drach

There is a theory that explains the name “Caves of Drach”: when the caves were discovered, a rock in form of a dragon was also found in the cave. The word “Drach” comes from our local dialect, and translated into English means “dragon”.

Already known during the Middle Ages and explored in 1880 are now one of the most popular tourists attractions in Mallorca. Those are also the biggest among the caves on the island, have a horizontal extension of about 1,200 metres and a maximum depth of 25 m. below ground level. Full of incredibles rock formations, underground lakes with turquoise water and more attractions are a perfect ¨photo place¨ during your holidays. The temperature inside of the caves is about 21°C and the humidity 80%.

Rock formations in Caves of Drach

Want to find out more? Check our post with curiosities about the Caves.

Photos inside of Caves of Drach

As in the other tourist attractions, before the visit it is good to check the rules of taking pictures and filming there:

  • no flash
  • no tripods
  • not interrumping the passage for other visitors
  • no photos and filming during concert allowed

Please also always listen to instructions and updates of the guide and staff. Before year 2013 taking pictures in the Caves was forbidden. In 2013 thanks to the change of the management you now have this opportunity, so do not miss it and enjoy the visit!

Inside of Caves of Drach

Lake Martel Photo

The Lake Martel is one of the biggest underground lakes in the world and was discovered by E.A. Martel in 1896. It is around 170 m long and between 4 and 12 m deep. Worldwide famous and for sure top photo stop. You can also admire beautiful lights ilumination, which is made up as sunrise over the lake. You can cross the lake on the boat or through the bridge.

Boats on Lake Martel

Photo on the boat inside of Caves of Drach

During the tour you can enjoy the boat trip on the lake, which is very unique experience. Imagine small boat, your family members or friends next to you, stunning lights ilumination, stalactictes from millions years ago over your head. Just perfect surrounding for amazing ride.

Boat trip on Lake Martel

Since 1935 you can also enjoy the stunning 10 min classical music concert. Concert is played by a quartet consisting of cello, harpsichord and two violins.

Concert on Lake Martel

Hope that after reading this article you will be well prepared and ready with your camera for your visit in Caves of Drach. If you already visited this amazing place, do not hesitate to share your memories with us in comments below.

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