Information on the Ting Ting Train in Alcudia

Ting Ting Train is a great option for things to do in Alcudia if you are on your holidays.  Every 45 min you have the opportunity to catch the little train and enjoy an amusement ride with the whole family. Choose one of the stops (check the list under) and discover the Port Alcudia with prepared audio tour.

We prepared this article for you to have the easy access to the details about the Ting Ting Train in Alcudia. You will find following information as: map, description of the route, stops and timetables, prices and possible activities around. If you are missing any relevant information do not hesitate to contact with us, or leave the comment and we will try to do our best to help you and find missing information.

Ting Ting Train in Alcudia: Map and route

Alcudia little sightseeing train´s route is very well prepared to give a chance for the guests from every hotel to reach one of the stops in walking distance. By this train you can also reach a lot of activities, which are happening around the place.

Let´s get step by step through the route:

  • Stop number 1 is located near Hidropark. It is the biggest water park in the north of the island. Following the way, the train goes direction of the beautiful Estany Lake, where you can find a water sports activities. Then crossing near Rancho Ses Roques, you will go direction Bellevue resort.
  • There is the stop number 2. Then you take a straight way through the Pere mas Reus street, which is full of any kind of restaurants and shopping area.
  • The stop number 3 is located at the end of this street, from where you are only 3 min from beautiful Alcudia Beach.
  • Not so far away is located stop number 4, next to the Iberostar Ciudad Blanca hotel and in front of Alcudia Playa hotel.
  • Taking the ride forward direction Port de Alcudia we came to stop number 5 on the Magic roundabout. Area of restaurants, pubs and clubs.
  • On Tuesdays and Sundays if you get off on the stop number 6, which is located in Port de Alcudia you will be only few minutes walk away from the local market in Alcudia old town.  Local market is nice idea to spend your morning and early afternoon. You can also enjoy the lunch in one of the restaurants and try local dishes. You can start your journey from any of the stops.

Check the map and let the adventure begin:

Map of the route of Ting Ting Train in Alcudia
Map of the route of Ting Ting Train in Alcudia

Ting Ting Train in Alcudia: Stops and timetable

It will be really easy for you to find one of the Ting Ting Train stops when you cross nearby. All of them (6 around the Port Alcudia) are really colourful and in shape of the small train station, so it makes them visible and recognisable for the tourists. Part of it is a board with the information about the train and the timetable, which are different and depends on the stops. It is important thing to check especially if you choose the last night round, because of the different finish times. For your ride you can wait on the little train station bench, which also is the part of the stop design.

Bus stop of  Ting Ting Train
Bus stop of Ting Ting Train

Train goes every 45 min between those times you find here:

1. HOTEL MARTE 9:45 22:30
2. BELLEVUE 9:50 22:35
3. PERE MAS Y REUS 10:00 22:45
4. HOTEL CIUDAD BLANCA 10:05 22:05
 5. CRTA. ARTA MAGIC 10:10 22:10
6. PLATJA PORT 10:15 22:15

Ting Ting Train in Alcudia: Prices

The price for the train is very affordable, making this a great option for families and not being an expensive thing to do while you in resort:

  • Adults price: 4€, ages 12+
  • Child price: 3€, ages 3-12
  • Children under 3 go free

The ticket fare has to be paid directly on the train. All you have to do is to get a seat, and the inspector will come to see you. Unfortunately, you can only pay by cash, as credit cards are not accepted.

Ting Ting Train in Puerto de Alcudia
Ting Ting Train in Puerto de Alcudia

Other things to do in Alcudia

By Ting Ting Train, you can get to a lot of activities destinations in the Port Alcudia. Get to the hidropark – biggest water park on the north, go jet ski or parasail. You also get possibility to have a look on the Rancho Ses Roques, which organise horse riding activities in the mountains behind Alcudia. If you want to get more informations about Ting Ting Train do not hesitate to visit also one of our offices.

If you want to find more suggestions on what to do on your holidays in Alcudia you can check our website . You will find a lot of activities from water sports, horse riding, tour around the island and tickets to a lot of attractions.

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