New show at bullring in Alcudia

Finally someone has decided to offer a show in Alcudia. And what better venue than Alcudia’s bullring with its infinite seating, perfect tiers and great location?


Passion and Cavalli is a show based on flamenco dancing and horsemanship in the centre of the bullring and alternates between a dramatic and colourful dance interpretation and a display of skill from the elegant white horses and their riders. The show is accompanied by some traditional and some more modern music, infusing the little used bullring with life.

At the same time as witnessing the entertainment, the audience can also enjoy the beautiful views of Pollensa Bay and those who watch the show in the evening, can see the magical sunset behind the mountains in the background as the show builds to a crescendo in the foreground with a beautiful and talented singer whose voice sends shivers down the spine.


This is a new show aimed at tourists and residents alike and we want to wish it the best of luck. People have tried and failed to make shows work in this area of the island so it seems that the odds are against them but with such a spectacular venue and wonderful location, we think that this might be the one to make it. Time will tell…

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