Alcudia Market: The Best Guide to Visiting Alcudia Market

Alcudia Market is one of the top recommendations for activities and things to do in Alcudia. There are numerous blogs, articles and webs recommending the market, but none of them give much practical info about the market. For reason we have prepared the perfect guide to planning your visit to Alcudia Market. At our shops in resort, our excursion advisors receive many questions about the market such as what to buy, what days it takes place, the timetable… So on our new article on our blog we will help you to find answers and info to make the most of your visit to the Alcudia Market.

Alcudia market

What day is Alcudia Market?

The Alcudia Market takes place twice a week, on Tuesday and Sunday. The timetable is from around 8:30 to 14:00. The market takes place even in case of bad weather, though maybe there will be less stalls in that case.

All villages and towns in mallorca have a weekly market, normally once a week. Alcudia Market is an exception, as it takes place twice a week. This is probably one of the reasons that have contibuted to its popularity. The market is exactly the same on both days, and you will find the same stalls.

How to get to the market?

There are different options to get to Alcudia market, so here are some advices on each one:

Come by car:

Many tourists come from different resorts by car to visit the market in Alcudia. There are many places to park, being the main car park right in front of the church area by the Roman Ruins.

You can also park around the bull ring which is very close to the market. Both are free of charge.

Public bus to Alcudia market

If you are staying in a nearby resort, such as Puerto Pollensa, Can Picafort, Playa de Muro or Port Alcudia, you can take the local public bus to Alcudia Market. The price is 1,80€ in 2019. You can check all the info on this link.

The local public bus runs from April to October every 20 minutes and it has plenty of stops in the resorts. Please note that on market days it gets extremely busy, so a good suggestion is to take an early bus. There are high chances you have to stand up and if the bus is full, many times it doesn’t stop and it will pass by as the capacity of passengers is full.

Another advice is to be careful with pick pockets on the bus and also at the bus stop while waiting or getting on the bus.

The bus stop in Alcudia Old Town is right by the market and the tourist information office.

From other resorts

If you are staying at different resort than in the north area, we recommend you to check the public transport website to see if there is a direct route from your resort to the market. Sometimes there is a direct bus but a good suggestion is to buy a tour that combines Alcúdia market with the visit to Formentor, being a really nice day out.

Walking to Alcudia Market

If you are staying in the resort of Port Alcúdia and you like walking, it might be a great choice to walk from the resort to the market. We always recommend you to check Google Maps so you can see the distance and time, as depending on the hotel location, it changes. Serve as an example that from the hotel Condes de Alcudia, it takes about 20 minutes.

It is quite an easy walk from Alcudia Port to Alcudia Market, and on the way you get to see the old Roman Ruins and Santa Ana Chapel, one of the oldest churches on the island. The only inconvenience is that in summer, it might not be pleasant in the stifling heat that we often suffer.

By taxi:

From any of the resorts you can take a taxi, the average prices are:

  • From Can Picafort 20€ approx.
  • From Port Alcúdia 8€approx.
  • From Port Pollensa 15€ approx.
  • From playa de Muro 12€ approx.

Please have in mind that on market days, the taxis are very busy and it might be difficult to get one. A good suggestion is to go to the hotel reception, and they can phone a taxi and tell you how long it will take.

On the Alcudia Market Shuttle Bus

If you prefer to pay a bit more than the local bus but to have a hotel pick up, guaranteed seat on an air conditioned bus and no worries, then the shuttle bus option is a good suggestion.

The shuttle bus to Alcudia picks up in different resorts and sometimes gives you a choice of departure time. You get around 2.5 hours at the market.

A walk in Alcudia Market

Below you can see a map we have done about the Alcudia Market, so you can have an idea about what to see and what to find. Make the map bigger to see in detail Alcudia Market area.

  • In blue you can see the fruit and vegetable area in the market of Alcudia.
  • In orange you can see the rest of the market area.

According to google these are the busiest times at the Alcúdia market:

alcudia market tuesday
alcudia market sunday

The fruit and vegetable area

This is our favourite area in the market. It is colourful, it has a great atmosphere, there are many local people doing their shopping and you can find fresh local products. There is a wide selection of products, and they come from the farmer directly to you, nothing to see compared to those you find at big supermarkets.

You will see that most of the products have the prices displayed (normally per kilo), and you can do your shopping in 2 ways:

  • Per weight: ask if you want a kilo, half, 250 grams…
  • Per price: you can say for example, “I’d like 3€ in strawberries”

Also, in many cases if you ask, the farmers will let you taste the product before. Why not experience and try some local seasonal fruits?

alcudia market fruit and vegetable area

On our Facebook page, during the season we like to post photos of local products we find at the market, so it’s worth following us so as not to miss some of our secret tips! Some recommendations:

  • The red big tomatoes in summer make an excellent salad with some olive oil. They are meaty and full of flavour.
  • Try the fennel bulb / root, then cut it finely. With some olive oil and oregano it makes a very different salad.
  • Look for “jinjols” when in season. Small brown fruits that taste like apples.

Also around the fruit and vegetable area, you will find other interesting stalls such as:

  • Olives stall. Lots of different olives to buy that you will not know which one to get, so maybe worth to taste it before. We recommend you the local olives and then try another local product: “fonoll mari” (sea fennel).
  • Embutidos stall: jamon, cheese, sausages, fuet… and here you can’t miss the opportunity to try the “sobrasada”, a local product from the pig meat.

The souvenirs area

All around the market you will find lots of souvenirs. Anything you can imagine, you will find it: bags, football shirts, sunglasses, belts, headphones, leather articles… in many of the stalls you will find similar articles, but trust us that there are many many articles to be seen at the market.

Also have in mind that these are replicas, and the price is in accordance to that. At the hand bag stall remember to haggle, it makes quite a difference to the price. An example from a customer review: “You must bargain and barter the prices down we got a copy Gucci Handbag he said he wanted €45 euro, we said no I said €20 he said no as we walked away he came and said yes. So dont settle for the prices they say push then to point of walking away.”

This doesn’t apply to the stalls of local artesans as they have a fixed price; a price they consider reasonable considering the work needs and their skills. You can of course try to barter but they will not like it.

A stop for a drink or a snack

All along the Carrer Major or at the main square you will find bars or cafes where to stop for a drink or a quick snack.

sa cisterna in alcudia market

There are 2 places we really like for being different:

  • Sa Cisterna: beside the town hall and with a well outside the main entrance (hence the reason of the name), it is a great place for brunch. Go in, select some cheese and ham, and then go down to the bodega to pick a bottle of wine. Not the cheapest option but who doesn’t love some good wine with lovely jamon and cheese?
  • Café de Ronda: right by the old walls, we find this small, cosy place. Order a local beer (Beerlovers is the local brewery) and some ham or cheese to do a stop on your visit to the local market.

What else to do at Alcudia Market

 Here are some suggestions about things to do in Alcudia on a market day:

  • You can have a look at the local church and the church museum. It only costs 2€ and it is a very interesting visit, plus it helps with the maintenance of the place.
  • If you like flamenco, at 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00 you can go to the bull ring and enjoy a 45 minutes flamenco show. The entry fee is 10€ and it also includes a drink and the bull ring visit.
  • If you have children, you can go for a walk on the top of the old walls. It is free, and the children will feel as the “kings of the castle”.
  • If you are interested in history and culture, you can’t miss to visit the Roman ruins of Pollentia. Alcúdia during the Roman epoch was called Pollentia and it was the capital of the island. One of the few remains from that epoch are these ruins which are well worth the visit.

Top activity

if you want to make the most of the day in the North area on a market day, why not visit the market early in the morning, when is quiet, and they you can either:

glass bottom boat after alcudia market

Alcudia Market Tips

  • Be aware of the pick pockets. A good suggestion is to take only a modest/reasonable amount of cash and leave any cards at the hotel in the safe if you can.

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