Glass Blowing in Mallorca

The glass blowing in Mallorca is a tradition with over thousand years old. We have prepared article on this topic for those planning to visit Mallorca and looking for things to do. We would like to say thank you to a glass blowing factory close to Valldemossa for helping us on understanding the glass blowing technique and showing us their installations.

Glass blowing art in Mallorca

The glass blowing tradition in Mallorca

The origin dates back to the year 2BC, when the Phoenicians introduces this technique. Later during the Roman epoch the technicians implemented it in Mallorca, but it was not until 1327 that we have documents stating the presence of a glass blowing factory in Calvia.

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The most important historical facts about Mallorca

Mallorca has very eventful history, since prehistoric times through Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Medieval Kings conquests… In this article we focus on moments with high historical significance, which have brought the island to its present cultural shape.

The technique

Glass blowing is a glassforming practice. The main point is in shaping a mass of glass by blowing the air into it, using the blowpipe.  Of course first of all the glass must to be treated by high heat, so its changing the consistency and the glassblower is able to forming it. Glassblower is a person, who blows the glass or we can say the truth, the artist of creating the amazing pices of glass art.

glass blower making the flass bubble

The technique hasn´t really change since the origin and remain basically the same to the present day.  The molten glass is located on the end of shaped tube and created to look as a bubble.  After that by the actions like blowing, swinging and rolling on the proffesional stone or iron surface the vessel is created.

glass blowing pipe

If you would like to see the glass blowing process in action, please enjoy the video below:

Visit a glass blowing factory: Lafiore


The glass blowing factory Lafiore is located in the beautiful surrounding of Tramuntana Mountains – half way between Palma de Mallorca and lovely Valldemossa. The best way to get there is by car. It will be for sure a great roadtrip, because the views on the road are incredible. 

You can combine the visit in the factory with the walk in one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca – Valldemossa. It is a perfect place for lunch in of the restaurants with traditional food or a walk around fabulous streets of the village. Even famous Fryderyk Chopin found Valldemossa a very charming place.

View of Valldemosa
View of Valldemosa

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Recommendations of the three beautiful villages of Mallorca that you should visit.

Technique and products

Lafiore is an artistic blown glass factory, which is using 100% recycled material to create their products.  All of them are made with the traditional glass blowing technique, extended with few innowations to follow the European Law restrictions. All products are hand made in Mallorca at a temperature close to 1,200 ºC.  You can find wide variety of them f.e. famous Mallorcan oil bottles, glasses or wine decanters. In the offer your will also find the decoration products like flower vases or candle holders and lamps. It is for sure a special and unique gift or souvenir from our island. Company offers also international shippment. Click on the picture of beautiful oil bottle below to see more products. 

Lafiore glass products are amazing combination of tradition and modern glass art. Full of amazing shapes and colours. Thanks to the best experts on glass blowing technique you can admire one of the most beautiful glass decorations around.


You can visit the factory during the whole year  – except winter season. They are open from Monday to Friday between 9:30 h – 13:30 h. We can recommend the visit for everyone also for families. The process of glass blowing is very creative activity, which can be very interesting for children.

Learn how to glass-blow your own creation

If you would like to create your very own piece of glass, you found the best place. You can contact the Lafiore factory here and experience this amazing adventure under the watch of the best experts.

colorful created glass

If you are still not convinced check those two nice reviews below:

One of the reviews of Lafiore
Lafiore factory review

Hope you found our article useful and informative. If you have any extra questions about it or glass blowing in Mallorca, please leave us a comment below. We encourage you also to share this articles with other travellers.

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