Combine a tour to Marineland with Portals Nous

If you are going to plan your tour to Marineland in Mallorca as the team of Nofrills we have prepared this post where we help you to plan the day at Marineland. We are local experts on excursions in Mallorca and we love to share our tips with travellers coming to our island. Then you can make the most of your tour to Marineland, no matter if you do an excursion with us or not.

Dolphin show in Marineland


Marineland is one of the most famous attraction parks and places to visit when you are on your holidays in Mallorca. We can explain it as marine zoo, where you can find a lot of unique species as sea lions, dolphins, penguins and wide range of birds from around the world. Most famous because of their Sea Lions & Dolphin Shows! It is amazing and impressive experience not only for little ones. This is why you should plan your tour to Marineland as a must to do.

On your tour to Marineland be sure that at the entrance you pick your map of the place. Then you will be sure that you do not miss any part of the park and what follows chance to see example of unique species from around the globe

Areas and things to do:

  • Dolphin and sea lion stadium: most famous place of the whole park where the shows take place. You can choose of plenty of spaces, but it is good to book the tickets with VIP entrance for the better view.
  • Seals area: it is the most calming moment when you just stay and observe the swimming seals. Totally the most chill-out animals in the park. But be prepared to wait sometimes even longer than the moment for them to move.
  • Penguins pool: little cuties! The only possibility to meet them around – thanks to that we are quite long way from Antarctica.
  • Aviary: enchantment place where colourful birds are flying over your head!
  • Aquarium: small, but interesting, also with sharks inside, not so big ones as in Palma Aquarium, but as exciting.
  • Children’s pool: good place to rest between checking all the areas in the park. Kids can enjoy the pool and for you, the park prepared the sun beds. Great idea if you plan to spend in the park whole day.
  • Tropical house: go for a walk around terrariums with tropical animals. Have a chat with a huge snake or hiding chameleon. One of the most interesting areas of park with possible Tropical workshops for children.
  • Sea view restaurant: offers yummy but a little expensive food: pizza, combined plates, soups and snacks + wide range of drinks. It is worth to go there even to see the view, which the staff has every day at the sea and port, about which you can read when you scroll more down of this article.
  • Souvenir shop: shopping time! Take a little dolphin or parrot to home with you! Prices are not very crazy, but if you have more kids, we will recommend to give them the limit of one souvenir.
  • Beach: located right next to the park is beautiful spot to relax after emotional dolphin show or after getting to know all lovely creatures in the park. Anyway, who doesn’t like a beach time with breath taking view of Mallorca coast?!

With kids or without is a place for a great day out! Location of Marineland in Palma gives you easy access to the park by bus, car or excursion.

A tip if you visit Marineland: Portals Nous Walk

If you would like to expand your trip to Marineland and discover the area, we have a great tip for you. Let´s enjoy a walk in Portals Nous Port, which is located less then 10 min walk from Marineland.  Portals Nous is known best because of the luxury yachts area. For us, ideal for the perfect short walk.

Map of the walk in Portals Nous

The walk takes approximately 1 hours 15 min. We recommend beginning from the yachts area – to the right from Wellies Restaurant. Impressive machines with creative names. Choose between Independence or Daddy’s Toy 😉 And just imagine the day out on the Mediterranean Sea on one of those! Incredible!

Yachts in Portals Nous

Going back in the direction of Wellies Restaurant and then to the left after few minutes you will reach the part of the port where the boats are built! Amazing experience to see how those huge beauties are assembled step by step and how many people you need for that. There is no chance to enter the area, but you can admire the cranes with ongoing projects from the barrier.

Portals Nous boats building area

Then on the end of the area please turn right and follow the path for approx 100 meters, there you will find the entrance to the promenade.

Opening hours:

Summer 8-22

Winter 8-19

Congratulations! You found it! Now just relax, have a walk and enjoy the views! For the beginning look at little uninhabited island called Island of Sales.

View for Island of Sales from Port Nous

Then you just follow the path to the end of it, where the view from port to the coast changes. It is incredible how so not far away from the city and also right next to the port you can find so quiet and peaceful area for a walk.

Amazing boat in Portals Nous

When you get to the end you can chill on the bench next to the little lighthouse with the view of the opposite site of Marineland. If you take your binoculars with you, maybe you will be lucky to spot the dolphin show from the other side as well!

View for the Mallorca coast from escollera in Portals Nous

Meet also the seagull, which are posing for your pictures as professional models 😉  

Seagull in Portals Nous escolera

For sure nice and quiet hideaway during the day out to Marineland or even chance for a little picnic if you will come prepared. Peace, breeze and beautiful views! What more do you need for a great walk?! There are a lot of nice cafes and restaurants around to enjoy lunch too, bit we like the picnic idea.

Hope that our tip will bring you possibility to enjoy this area even more. If you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment.

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