Let us take you to Formentor Beach

My name is Marko, I work for Nofrills Excursions and today I will take you to Formentor Beach, the most northern place in the Island of Mallorca, an emblematic place not only for its beauty, nature or landscape but for the fact that visitors as Grace Kelly and Winston Churchill once visited.

The excursion begins for us at Alcudia´s Port at 12:00, having said that we know that there are more pick up places available for people staying in other areas of the resort.


The actual tour starts in Alcudia`s Port where we began boarding the coast, in the left hand side we could see houses built in the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The Alcanada lighthouse called our attention as is built in this tiny little island.



Later we arrived to this unique little beach reachable only by boat called Cala Coll Baix. The Capitan stopped right in front and announced that if people wanted to get in the water for a quick swim that we will be in there for 15 minutes more or less. Some of the adventurous did! The ones that decided to stay on the boat were delighted by some fish that appeared all around the boat, very visible in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Half an hour later we arrived to thebeachofFormentor, a beautiful white sand beach of more or less 100 meters and a very calm sea in front. With a setting like that nothing could get wrong so it was time for some snacks and enjoying the Formentor beach.

One hour later we started our journey back which lasted around one and a half hours stopping in the different points within the resort, but we did not mind as travelling by boat in the bay of Alcudia is so great.

If you want to experience this, then reserve your Formentor boat trip in Mallorca with Nofrills Excursions! What are you waiting for?



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