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Mallorca Travel Quiz with photos

While in lockdown, we have prepared a series of articles to try to help you to make it easier and have things to do. On this article, we have a Mallorca Travel quiz with some photos of different places. Show us if you are a Mallorca expert.

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Experience Mallorca from your home

Looking for home activities during your quarantine? Check our post with ideas and in the same time get to know our beautiful island Mallorca a bit. Enjoy!

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The Best Beaches in Mallorca

Looking for the recommendations of the best beaches in Mallorca? This article is for you! Check our experts options and plan your best sunny day out on the island!

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Easter Processions in Mallorca

The fullest guide to the Easter Processions in Mallorca. You can find here the origin, routes, times and many more connected information. Enjoy reading and planning your Easter on the island!

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Coronavirus – Mallorca Tours

The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as Coronavirus, is an unprecedented phenomenon for all of us that we have never faced before. In Mallorca, like other regions of the world, it is also having an...

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Easter Activities in Mallorca

If you are looking for the ideas of Easter activities, things to do and places to be in Mallorca, this article is for you! Choose between Easter celebrations, guided excursions, activities and fun park. Happy Easter!