The best water sports in Alcudia

There is plenty of things to do in Alcudia during the summer holidays and trying one of the water sports belong to the TOP 10. There is no better way to enjoy sunny day out as on the beach and sea. You can choose between many of activities like jet ski, parasailing… In this article our local experts prepared the info about the best water sports in Alcudia, so you can add the best choices to your Mallorca bucket list. Wish you fun! 

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The best water sports in Alcudia

Below you will find list of best water sports in Alcudia, by clicking on the titel you can go directly to our booking page with more details and prices.

Parasailing - one of the best water sports in Alcudia

Have you ever dreamed about flying? If yes, we have the perfect solution for you! Parasailing is one of the most spectacular experiences you can enjoy during your holidays in Alcudia. This activity lasts around 30 min, during which you fly for around 10-12 min. Great option to spend time with your friends and family, suitable also for children – over 6 years old. 

You begin with short boat ride from the beach in Puerto Alcudia and then let´s go up! You can choose to fly solo, with one or two persons. Don´t worry the line unroll fast, and is totally safe, because the parachute is opening directly. Professional staff is taking care about all safety restrictions and also taking pictures, which you can purchase later.

It is an incredible experience with gorgeous views of Puerto Alcudia and Alcudia Bay from above. This activity is very popular during the summer season, so we recommend to book it in advance.

Review of Parasailing in Alcudia
Parasailing activity Review
Couple during the Jet Ski Tour

Jet Ski tours in Alcudia give you a chance to combine sightseeing of Alcudia Bay with a great speed and waves on Mediterranean Sea. In this water sport personal watercrafts are used, you can think about it as water motorcycle or scooter 😉 Normally one machine can be used by 2 persons, sometimes 3.  For the tours near the north coast only 2 pax are available. You can book one machine for two persons or ride with the guide. If you are over 18 years old you also have a chance to drive a jet ski. You can drive the jet ski standing or seated, depends on your choice.

During the tour you can admire north coast of the island, beautiful area of Aucanada and small island with the lighthouse from 10th century. There is also a swimming stop planned in the itinerary.

The price is not low, but this is very unique experience, which you should try at least once in a lifetime. We are sure that Mallorca and especially north area are perfect for it. It is also a great idea for the B-day or anniversary gift for your loved ones.

Crazy sofa in Alcudia Bay

Totally not a boring sofa for TV watching or reading the magazine 😉 During this activity you enjoy a crazy ride on the inflated sofa, which is attached to the boat with the line. The sofa has handles for hands and foots so you can hold it. We must say it is not that easy when the boat is going faster and faster, but no worries water is warm if you get there 😉 Capacity of the sofa – max 6 persons. Every person has a lifejacket and all rules are explained before the activity. 

It is an awesome experience to enjoy with group of friends, when you are on your holidays in Puerto Alcudia or nearby.  We recommended it especially for those of you, who are looking for dose of adrenaline and some thrill moments. Speed and a  lot of fun is guaranteed. The activity lasts for around 10 min during which you can also enjoy a music, choosed on the beginning of it. 

Fotos and videos available to purchase.

Review of crazy sofa in Alcudia
Wakeboard activity in Mallorca, Alcudia

You are very lucky if you are spending your holidays in Puerto Alcudia, because it is the only place in Mallorca with amazing Wakepark. It is located on the lake and has fantastic facilities to enjoy the wakeboarding. The whole route of obstacles is almost 220 m long. 

How it looks like? You slide on a board similar to one used during snowboard. We could say that it is a combination between snowboard and water ski. To be able to move you need to grab some cables that will pull you between the next points on the route.

Mallorca Wakepark is a good place for beginners and also for advance wakeboarders. For sure very enjoyable water sport and opportunity to try something new during your holidays in Mallorca. Activity lasts around 20 min. Before it starts the team will give you  the instructions and tips, what to do to enjoy it to the fullest.

Wakepark in Mallorca review
Review of Mallorca wakepark
Banana Boat activity in Alcudia

The best full of adrenaline boat experience in Mallorca – banana boat. The ride on the banana shaped inflated boat lasts around 10 min, but the emotions stays with you for much longer. Just hold on to the handles and enjoy the route among Alcudia Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca.

Great activity to enjoy with family and friends, who likes fun time and a little thrill. All persons join the board in the lifejacket, so no worries if you jump off to the sea during the ride.

Highly recommended to combine it with parasailing or crazy sofa activity.

Banana boat review
Stand Up Paddle rental in Alcudia

In the mood for water, board and chill? Great! We have the water sport proposition for you, which combines those aspects and a lot of fun time – paddleboarding. How it looks like? The stand up paddle boarders stroll around standing on their boards using a paddle to move across the water. Very calming and enjoyable experience for whole family, during which you can also admire beautiful area of Puerto de Alcudia.

You can rent the paddle boat per hour, so the activity time depends on your choice. We can also recommend the 2hrs sunset paddle board experience, which is very nice.

The area of the lake and surrounding is very safe to try paddle board fo the first time without any waves and danger. Suitable for all level and ages, what makes it great family experience in Mallorca.

Where to book?

There is few ways how you can reserve the tickets for those activities. There is an option to get the info and book it in your hotels. You can ask for more details in the reception or by guest relations personal, depends on the resort. Just have in mind that selling tours and activities is not a priority for the receptionist. It is possible that you will have to wait in a long line of new arrivals, guests with many complaints or simply moody travellers…

The other possibility is to visit our No Frills Excursions offices, where our staff will help you choose the best option for you. We always have the most recent information and places available. There are also special prices and discounts in each. You can choose from one of the locations below:

There is also a solution for those of you, who want to plan your holidays before coming to Mallorca… Each of this activities and many others you can book on our website. Also there you can find many interesting deals for you and your family or friends.

If you would like to enjoy the combination of few water sports we recommend to book our special offer: Alcudia Water Sports Pack. In this offer you get  the package of 3 from 4 activities available to choose: parasailing, banana boat, sofa or phantom.

Hope our article was useful for you, please share it with all, who could need it too. If you would like to share your water activities experiences with us, please leave a comment below.

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